Dairy-Free Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

Posted October 26, 2016 in vegetarian cooking, dairy-free cooking, vegetarian and 6 more


I've been eating dairy-free since August 17!

My functional medicine doctor, Dr. Allison Blessing, recommended that I cut out dairy to balance out my hormones. I also went off my birth control because there's no way I could balance my hormones while on birth control. (read more about it here)

So far, I've felt amazing. Within the first couple of weeks, I noticed that I looked a bit slimmer. I was most likely experiencing some bloating from the inflammation that dairy was causing. Best of all, I haven't had any hormonal migraines! 

I'm feeling really optimistic about my journey so far. Later, I'll share more about how a hormone imbalance can impact your health, but today I wanted to share what I've been eating. 

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Weekend Recap {Oct. 21-23, 2016}

Posted October 25, 2016 in Weekend Recap, Fall, pumpkin patch and 7 more

The weekend flew by and it was packed full of unexpected adventure! 

I really didn't have any plans for the weekend, but adventures presented themselves and I went with it. I'm actually feeling a bit tired this week from such a full weekend, so I'm attempting to take it easy…luckily I had a massage scheduled for Monday evening.

Here's the recap...

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Grief and Being Easy on Ourselves

Posted October 21, 2016 in grief, loss, self-care and 3 more


I've been slow to share this news because it's been too difficult to write about. My throat is tight and the tears are welling up as I write this. The BF and I had to say goodbye to our dog, Coda, last week.

Saying goodbye has been harder than I could have imagined. The BF and I quickly realized how intertwined Coda was to every part of our daily routine and how much joy he brought to our lives. 

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Stop Obsessing About Food and Start Losing Weight Today

Posted October 19, 2016 in weight loss, mindful eating, Lose Weight Without Obsessing Over Food and 3 more


When I first began my weight loss journey, every part of my day was consumed by food.

When can I eat again? What can I eat for my next meal? Can I eat this for a snack? Is this food off limits? I wish I could eat that? 

All I thought about was food! While I should have been learning how to listen to my body's hunger signals, discover what my body needed for fuel and find enjoyment in eating nourishing foods, I was thinking about what I could or couldn't eat. 

Does this sound familiar?

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Yoga Teacher Training - Weekend 6

Posted October 17, 2016 in yoga, yoga teacher training, healthy eating and 6 more


I can't believe that I'm almost finished with yoga teacher training! I only have one weekend left!

This weekend was incredibly physical and intense. Last week was a very emotional week, so I wasn't super excited about being immersed in yoga all weekend. But teacher training ended up being a good distraction. 

All the positive energy through yoga practice, meditation and from everyone in my class was what I needed. 

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Blue Apron Review

Posted October 14, 2016 in Blue Apron, healthy eating, home cooking and 4 more


I've been curious about Blue Apron and other healthy recipe delivery services for awhile. When I realized the BF and I had been eating out a lot on the weekends, I decided to try one out. 

I knew it would help us stay in and cook, give us new inspiration in the kitchen, be healthy and allow us to save on food spending on weekends. 

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