Core HIIT Workout

Posted September 28, 2016 in Core HIIT Workout, ab exercises, workout and 5 more


I started teaching HIIT workouts about a year and a half ago, and I've been obsessed ever since. HIIT is the perfect way to get your heart rate up, strengthen your muscles and burn a ton of calories.

I recently started teaching a core class once a week, and I typically incorporate Pilates and yoga movements and traditional abdominal exercises. But I wanted to take it up a notch and make the workout more intense.

So this core HIIT workout was born! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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Vegan Salted Caramel Smoothie

Posted September 22, 2016 in salted caramel smoothie, smoothie, healthy eating and 5 more


Back in July, I had the most amazing salted caramel milkshake while I was visiting Atlanta. Since that life-changing milkshake, I've been working to create a perfect healthified non-dairy smoothie version.

After many attempts, I finally created a version that tastes decadent and delicious!

And this might be my favorite smoothie that I've ever made! It is so so good.

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Fall Yoga Wish List

Posted September 21, 2016 in yoga, yoga apparel, shopping and 4 more


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I'm barely functioning today after a long and crazy day yesterday. From 5 a.m. to nearly 10 p.m., I was on the go - fitness classes, working my 8 to 5, doing an interview for the local news, teaching my college class and attending my entrepreneur group meeting. Today I feel like I was hit by a truck. 

In an attempt to bring myself back to life, I skipped today's 5:30 a.m. workout to sleep in, I drank my minerals and antioxidant drink and I have a coffee IV at my desk. 

So I'm keeping it light today and talking about shopping.

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Weekend Recap (Sept. 16-18, 2016}

Posted September 20, 2016 in Weekend Recap, yoga, dairy-free and 7 more

It's Tuesday and I'm finally writing my recap of the weekend! The weekend ended up being full because the BF's family was in town, and my Monday was a bit crazy.

I'm still working on creating a routine and managing my workload with the new class that I'm teaching at the university. I'll be honest, my Sweet Success work is getting harder to manage…which is why I turned down an offer to teach another class next semester. Saying no is so hard! 

But when I thought about my mission - inspiring people create change to live their healthiest and happiest lives - I knew I needed to say yes to myself and my goals. 

I have a full week, and it feels a bit overwhelming. So I'm making self-care a priority. I got a massage yesterday after work, I'm getting back to consistent meditation and I have a few yoga classes scheduled this week. 

Before I get too wrapped up in this week, here's a look at my eats and adventures from the weekend...

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You had me at guacamole

Posted September 16, 2016 in National Guacamole Day, avocado, healthy eating and 7 more


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Happy National Guacamole Day!

Since eliminating dairy from my diet nearly a month ago, I've basically replaced cheese with guacamole. The amount of guacamole and avocados that I've eaten in the past four weeks is a little obscene. 

I can't even tell you how many times I've eaten sprouted grain bread toasted and topped with guacamole and eggs. But I have no shame!

Which is why I feel like this is a (internet) holiday worth celebrating.

Here are some amazing guac recipes and fun guac goodies...

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