Week of Workouts, May 3-9

Posted May 10, 2014 in Tone It Up, workouts, yoga, fitness, excercise

After running the Lincoln Half-Marathon on Sunday, I took it easy this week. I did lots of yoga and some toning workouts.

I ended up running on Thursday, and it felt pretty decent. My hamstrings were still a bit tight from the half-marathon, but I did yoga later and felt better.

Here’s what I did this week…

Saturday, May 3 - quick yoga to stretch out for the half-marathon

Sunday, May 4 - 13.1 mile run - the Lincoln Half-Marathon

Monday, May 5 - the Best Ab Routine + gentle yoga

Tuesday, May 6 - Taught 5:30 a.m. cycling class + Bikini Booty Routine and 5:30 p.m. deep water aerobics + yoga inspired Sunset Workout

Wednesday, May 7 - gentle yoga (mostly twists to help with an upset stomach)

Thursday, May 8 - 3 mile run + taught 5:30 p.m. deep water aerobics + yoga handstand practice

Friday, May 9 - total body toning workout

What did you do to sweat this week?

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