Yoga Inspired Toning + Cardio Workout

Posted May 16, 2014 in yoga, cardio, workout, toning, Sweet Success, workouts, fitness, exercise

I've been doing the FitFluential Namaste in May Challenge - doing yoga every day this month - and I've also been doing Beach Yoga Girl's May I Handstand Challenge on Instagram. So yoga has been on my mind lately! 

I even got into a crow pose for at least 3-4 seconds the other day! This has been one of my yoga goals for awhile. I really think the handstand practice helped me get here!

All my recent yoga practice inspired me to create this yoga inspired workout for a class that I subbed last weekend. The class at my gym is called Chizzel and it's meant to incorporate toning with bursts of cardio.

The class was challenging and ended up being a hit with the people who attended, so I thought I would share it with you!

For this workout you'll need a yoga mat and some light hand weights.  You'll do two toning exercises followed by a short burst of cardio. You'll work your entire body with this one! Have fun!

Warm Up

5 slow Sun Salutations or downward facing dogs

Workout - Do each exercise for 45 seconds

Stationary Lunge with Shoulder Press (45-seconds on each leg) - Take a step forward with your right leg. Lower down, making sure your right knee stays behind your toes and your chest and upper body remain upright. Press back up, pressing into your right heel and performing a shoulder press as you press up.

Squat with Side Leg Lifts (45-seconds on each leg) - Stand with legs a little wider than hip width apart. Squat and return to standing, then lift your right leg out to the side, making sure your upper body stays upright. Repeat. 

Squat Jumps - If these are too challenging, just do squats!

Plank with Row - Place one hand weight in your right hand. In a plank position, complete a row by lifting the weight squeezing your triceps, making sure that your body stays parallel to the floor.

Side Plank with Rotation (45-seconds on each side) - In a side plank position (feet stacked or staggered or on one knee), reach your top arm under your body so your chest becomes parallel to the floor. Bring your arm back to starting. Repeat.

Plank Jacks - In a plank, jump both feet out so that you perform a jack with your lower body.

Chair Pose to Plank - Perform a yoga chair pose, then place your hands on the ground as you straighten your legs so they just have a slight bend in the knee into a forward bend and step back to a plank. Step back to a forward fold and come back up into a chair pose. Repeat.

One-Leg Tricep Extension (45-seconds on each leg) - Stand on one leg while you perform tricep extensions.

Jumping Jacks

Downward Facing Dog to Plank - Go back and forth from down dog to plank.

One-Legged Dog to Plank with Knee to Chest (45-seconds on each leg) - In a downward dog, lift one leg. Then pull your leg down as you move into a plank, bringing your knee to your chest.

Mountain Climbers

Curtsy Lunge with Bicep Curl (45-seconds on each side)- Stand with feet hip width apart. Step one leg back diagonally into a curtsy. As you step into the lunge, perform a bicep curl. Step back to starting. Repeat.

Front Leg Lifts (45-seconds on each side) - Lift one leg in front of your body. Point your toes as you lift and lower the leg.

Lunge Jumps - Do regular lunges if this is too challenging!

5 Sun Salutation

You made it! Great job! Don't forget to stretch, and drink plenty of water!

*Always consult your doctor before starting a new workout. Also keep in mind that I am not a certified yoga instructor, but that I practice yoga regularly. I am a certified group fitness instructor through the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America. 

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