Week of Workouts {May 10-16}

Posted May 17, 2014 in workouts, fitness, exercise, healthy, healthy living, health, yoga, Tone It Up

My workout motivation was lacking this week. I think it was the gloomy, cold weather. It's the middle of May, I'm ready for sunny, warm days! 

I was also feeling pretty bummed this week. I'm looking for a house or apartment to rent (the BF and I are moving in together!), but I can't find anything! This is such an exciting time, and we're making such a big change, yet it's totally frustrating and disappointing to have so few options. 

Having stress like that totally impacts my motivation to workout and eat healthy! Despite my stress level, I had decent workouts this week. I didn't get in any runs, but I did lots of at home workouts and I'm still sticking to my Namaste in May Challenge. I also stuck to the Sweet Success Plank Challenge! Are you still doing your planks?

Saturday, May 10 - I subbed two classes at my gym - Chizzel, a yoga-inspired toning + cardio class, and Core and more, an abs + toning class

Sunday, May 11 - rest day

Monday, May 12 - Bikini Body Total Body Toning Routine + Sweet Success May Plank Challenge + Tara Stiles Yoga for Strength and Focus

Tuesday, May 13 - I taught my 5:30 a.m. cycling class + The Best Ab Routine and taught my 5:30 p.m. deep water class + Bikini Arms Routine + yoga

Wednesday, May 14Bikini Booty Routine + yoga 

Thursday, May 15 - I taught my 5:30 p.m. deep water class + yoga (I stayed in Crow Pose for at least 3-4 seconds)

Friday, May 16Love Your Body with Yoga

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