How to get out of a funk

Posted May 23, 2014 in health, healthy living, mental health, body image, self-confidence, body love, self love

I have been in a complete funk for the past few days.

Working out and eating healthy 100% (even 75%) of the time has been a struggle. I want to share what's going on because I want to be open about how my own stresses and insecurities can get in the way of my health/fitness goals. I also want to share how I get back on track. When I have a day or a week like this, I always make sure that I get right back on track and don't let that week turn into a month and that month turn into many months.

Here's what's going on...

1) I think I mentioned it before, but the BF and I have decided to move in together. It's such a fun and exciting time, but finding a place to live has turned out to be a nightmare. The housing situation in this town is absolutely horrible. We're looking for a 2-3 bedroom house to rent that takes pets (the BF has a small dog). House hunting has been such a roller coaster. I'll get excited about a house, then something will happen and it doesn't work out. I have let the stress get to me so much that I've been struggling with headaches/migraines this week.

2) I tried on my bikinis from last summer and I was really disappointed with how I look. I wear a swimsuit all year long because I teach water aerobics. But I wear a super flattering TYR athletic one-piece. Putting on my bikinis instantly made me feel bad about myself. My swimsuits from last summer still fit - I haven't gained any weight in the past year - I just don't think I'm as toned as I was last summer. I immediately started looking for swimsuit cover ups online and bought a pair of beach linen pants

For some people, trying on smaller clothes or a swimsuit motivates them to work harder for their goals. I immediately fall back into my old disordered eating cycle - self-criticism, feeling bad about myself, turning to food for comfort, feeling guilty, feeling worse about myself, etc.

So I spent the past few days feeling crappy about life and about myself. But I finally gained some perspective last night...

I was in the locker room at the gym right before teaching my water aerobics class. I spent the entire afternoon with a migraine laying on the couch with an ice pack on my head thinking about all the things I needed to be doing at work. I was also making a mental list of all of the things I needed to do to get ready for my trip to Colorado this weekend. I was feeling stressed. I was also still feeling down about the bikini situation.

Then I overheard a conversation. A woman was talking about how she's trying to lose weight and get healthy because she and her husband want to have children. The woman probably had 100+ pounds to lose. She seemed scared about the fact that she's 32 years old and the time she has to start a family is diminishing, but excited about the prospect of having children. I watched as she joined her husband in the pool and they started their workout together. 

It made my own self-criticism about the few vanity pounds I want to lose seem insignificant. I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and to put into place my own tools for getting out of a funk.

  • Think about what I'm grateful for. Making a mental list of all of the things in my life that are wonderful, makes the things I'm stressed about seem so small.
  • Think about my accomplishments. I may not have a perfect body, but I ran a half-marathon just three weeks ago! I tend to look at my flaws and dwell on them. But does it really matter that I have cellulite on my thighs when my legs are strong enough to take me 13.1 miles?
  • Take some time to enjoy the journey. I am constantly looking to the future - making to-do lists, setting goals, thinking about what I want my life to be like down the road. One of my goals this year was to be more in the moment. It has been such a challenge. Looking back, my journey to get here has been pretty amazing - getting certified to teach fitness classes, starting this blog, etc. I need to put this into practice with this house hunting thing!
  • Treat myself kindly. Eating crap and laying on the couch does nothing to help me feel better about myself. I realized that I would only feel better if I treated myself better. After a couple of days of skipping workouts and eating foods I typically don't eat, I woke up this morning and decided today would be different. I made a healthy breakfast and I'm sipping on some kombucha right now. I plan to go running later today and get in a strength workout.
  • Do something that makes me happy. I took a walk to the coffee shop after I got to work and bought an iced coffee with a splash of almond milk. It seems really small, but I LOVE coffee shop iced coffee. It really did lift my spirits.
  • Remind myself why. This is something I picked up at the Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life Tour. We all have our why - the reason we make healthy choices every day. Thinking about my why makes me want to get right back on track.
  • Shopping! OK, this is probably not the best way to get out of a funk, but shopping makes me feel better and I think it's better than eating a pint of ice cream. Remember those beach linen pants I bought to cover up the body I'm not feeling great about? Well, I felt a little better after I hit "purchase." (I bought them in Sunset Glow, by the way).
  • Do some yoga or meditation. I've been doing yoga a lot lately, and I've recently started meditating. It really helps me become more centered. Try this meditation for body confidence from BexLife.

How do you get yourself out of a funk?

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