Grocery Haul {June 2, 2014}

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It's been nearly two weeks since I got groceries! I had made a few too many trips to our new Hy-Vee and my fridge and cupboards were overflowing with food, so I had to take a little break from my new fave store.

But when I was finally out of some staples and totally low on fresh produce, I had to head to Hy-Vee!

This was a pretty massive grocery haul for me. I usually get groceries every week and spend between $40-$60. I spent over $90 this time. But I was out of some expensive items like chia seeds, almond butter, Ezekiel bread, organic apple juice, etc.

Most of my haul was produce, as usual.

I picked up asparagus, an avocado, a sweet potato, ginger root, grape tomatoes, beets, cantaloupe, fresh mint, organic apples, an organic cucumber, parsley, a red onion, lemons and two packages of organic mixed greens. 

I would have liked to buy organic tomatoes, but they were pretty expensive. I also skipped buying organic blueberries because they were too expensive. I have some leftover from Saturday's baby shower, so I should be good.

The only thing I impulsed purchased was locally grown Brussels sprouts! They looked amazing, so I couldn't resist.

Also on my list was old fashioned oats, frozen organic blueberries, almond butter (freshly ground in the store), goji berries (from the bulk section), plain Greek yogurt, chia seeds, organic apple juice (which I requested a few weeks ago!), chickpeas, almond milk, blue cheese and feta.

My only off-list treat purchases were KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink in Mojita-Lime Mint Coconut, Snapea Crisps and a mini Double Chocolate Gelato. Last week, I tried KeVita for the first time. I had Pomegranate Coconut, which was delicious. I'm excited to try this new (to me) flavor. I already tried the Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps, and they are super tasty! I great healthier option when you are craving something salty or crunchy. And double chocolate gelato...need I say more?

Here's what's on my menu this week...


Omelet with tomatoes, parsley and feta

Avocado toast with chili flakes and honey

Protein pancakes topped with blueberries

Apple cider vinegar drink (everyday)


Buffalo Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers + asparagus

Quinoa and Chickpea Tabbouleh

Blueberry Waldorf Salad

Mixed greens salad with roasted sweet potato, roasted Brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, pecans and feta


Beet juice

Lemon turmeric shots

Snappea crisps

Greek yogurt sweetened with honey and topped with blueberries

Blueberry mango coconut smoothie


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