High Intensity Bleacher Workout {no equipment needed}

Posted June 3, 2014 in workout, summer, fitness, cardio, running, walking, workouts, exercise, Sweet Success

About a month ago, my friend Russanne suggested that we start getting together on Sunday mornings during the summer to do workouts at the high school track.

I was thrilled about the idea because I don't usually do intense workouts on the weekends (unless I'm half-marathon training), and I tend to find myself glued to the sofa being lazy on Sundays. I thought this was a great way to get motivated to workout, and I thought it would be fun! Working out with a buddy is always more fun!

On Sunday morning, we road our bikes to the nearby high school track for our first Workout Club (which consists of the two of us right now). If you want to join us, let us know!

We walked around the track to get warmed up (our bike ride was part of our warm up), and then we got to work!

I created a workout that can be done on bleachers without any equipment. It's an interval workout that combines body weight toning exercises and cardio bursts. After the first round of this workout, Russanne and I were definitely feeling it! 

The whole workout (with warm up and cool down) is about 40 minutes. 

All of the exercises listed are in their most difficult form, but everything can be modified. Russanne had surgery on her foot, so rather than running up the stairs, she climbed the stairs. Take this workout to your level!

I downloaded an interval timer on my phone for this workout. I set it for 30 second intervals, then I used my phone's timer for the stair runs.

High Intensity Bleacher Workout

5-7 minute warm up - walk or jog around the track

30 seconds each

Squat with right leg on step

Squat with left leg on step

Quick toe taps

Elevated Push-ups (hands on bleachers)

Elevated Spiderman (hands on bleachers)

Quick high knees

Walking lunges (30 seconds out, 30 seconds back)

Jumping Jacks

Elevated slow mountain climbers (hands on bleachers)

Tricep dips

*Grab some water while you set your timer for 5 minutes

5 minutes - stair runs!


Cool down - walk a few laps around the track


Let me know what you think about this workout after you've done it by commenting below or Instagramming or tweeting your sweat pic @saragiboney!

*Always consult your doctor before starting a new workout. 

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