Q & A: How to get back on track after a vacation

Posted June 4, 2014 in travel, healthy living, healthy eating, fitness, vacation, workout, sleeping

I received a great question from a reader about how to get back onto the healthy eating/working out wagon after a vacation. 

Here's her question and my answer...

Q - Hey Sara! Still reading and still lovin' your blog even though I don't comment, like too many others, know that you've got loyal followers!

I was wondering if you'd have advice on the following: I know whenever I travel, I come home with these awesome intentions of working out again and eating right--how do you keep the momentum of wanting to be good after a refreshing trip and not lose steam?

- Meg

A - Thanks for reading Sweet Success! I'm so happy that you enjoy it (and that you are a loyal follower)!

This is a great question! I usually get post-vacation blues - I feel bummed about having to come back to the read world and sad that I'm no longer able to spend my days being carefree. Feeling emotionally and mentally down always makes me want to curl up on the couch with a pint of ice cream. But I know that getting right back into my normal routine will help me to feel better sooner. 

Here's how I get back to eating well and working out after a vacation...

  • Workout while I'm on vacation. I know, it's called a vacation for a reason. But the longer I go without working out, the harder it is for me to get back to working out. When I go out of town, I like to find running trails or use the hotel gym. You can even find fitness classes using the GoRecess app. When I went on a girl's trip to NYC with my cousin, we found a free yoga class in Union Square!
  • Unpack right away. I know this has nothing to do with eating healthy or working out, but I find that unpacking right away helps me to get back into my routine much easier. There's nothing more depressing than looking at your packed suitcase every time you walk into your bedroom.
  • Stock up on healthy foods right away. When you get home from your vacay, odds are that your fridge will be empty. An empty refrigerator could lead you right to a fast food restaurant or to dialing for pizza delivery. Get the grocery store as soon as you can to stock up on fresh produce, lean proteins and healthy dairy products like Greek yogurt.

  • Plan my meals. When I go out of town, I always indulge in the local foods, more booze than usual and lots of restaurant meals. My body still craves those things when I return. So I plan out all of my meals for the week - breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Having a plan to follow helps me stay on track.
  • Set up a fitness date. Right when you get home, set up a workout date with a girlfriend. Go for a walk, run or bike ride so that you can tell your friend all about your trip while you're getting some exercise! 
  • Schedule my workouts. Write down your planned workouts in your calendar for the week after you return from your trip. Treating your workouts like meetings will make you more likely to stick to them. To give yourself extra incentive, sign up for a few fitness classes for the week.
  • Get back to healthy sleeping habits. I'm always exhausted after I come home from a trip. My sleep cycle is usually messed up from staying up later and sleeping in later. I try to get right back to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. When I'm tired, my body craves carbs to create more energy. Unfortunately my sleepy cravings are always for unhealthy refined carbs. When I'm well-rested it's easier to make healthy choices!

I hope these tips help, Meg! I also hope you're planning on going somewhere fun!

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