Happy National Running Day + My running story

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Happy National Running Day! Did you get out and run?

I went out for a short run after work. I got in 3 (slow) miles. I'm still not used to running in warmer, humid weather. It always takes me a month or so to get my body used to running in the heat. 

But my run was nice. I ran through the cemetery, which is my new fave running route. It's about a mile loop around our local cemetery, and it's quiet, there's no cars and very few people. 

I know I've shared my running story before on Sweet Success, but I thought I would share it again for those of you who don't know how I started running.

About six and a half years ago (I think it was 2008), I decided to sign up for a Couch to 5K class through the local community college. It was one of those adult education classes, and I signed up with my friend Betsy. We met at the high school track twice a week at 5:30 a.m. to run. The class started in late winter/early spring so some mornings were freezing (in the teens!). We followed a traditional Couch to 5K program - starting with walk/runs and working our way up to longer runs. By the end of the 9-week class, I could run a full 3 miles without stopping to walk! When the class started, I could barely run one time around the track!!

Betsy and I decided to run a real 5K race after the class, so we signed up for the Heritage Day 5K at Yanney Heritage Park. It was hard! But Betsy and I ran together and encouraged one another and my parents came out to cheer us on. Crossing the finish line felt like the biggest accomplishment.

We signed up for more races that summer and kept up our running for the rest of year. 

In early 2009, I decided to run a half-marathon. I had only run 5K's at that point, but I wanted a bigger challenge. I signed up for the Lincoln Half-Marathon and found a training program online and trained by myself. I didn't know a whole lot about running, and I wore regular athletic shoes, cotton T-shirts and my regular workout capris, and I ran at the track to keep track of my miles! About halfway through my training I bought a pair of Nike running shoes and a Nike + iPod sensor so that I could keep track of my miles.

I was sooooo nervous before my first half-marathon. I had no idea what to expect!

Crossing the finish line felt incredible. I honestly felt like if I could run 13.1 miles, I could do anything. 

Since then, I've run 7 half-marathons! I still can't believe that. Running is still a challenge for me. Every time I train for a race, it's hard. I'm not a natural runner, so it takes a lot for me to do those long miles. But what I love about running is that you have to push yourself mentally. Long distance running is all about positive self-talk and encouragement. 

Running has also been something that I share with the BF. I remember us talking about running on our first date! We have run so many races together, and trained for five half-marathons together!

Since I started running, I've had lots of proud moments.

My 5K PR! 27:06 at the Community Olympics 5K, June 2013

Running a 10K in under an hour! 57:17 in Hastings, June 2013

My half-marathon PR! 2:09:47 at the Lincoln Half-Marathon, May 2012

Here are some photos from all of my half-marathons!

Lincoln Half-Marathon, Lincoln, NE, May 2009

Lincoln Half-Marathon, May 2010

Lincoln Half-Marathon, May 2011

Lincoln Half-Marathon, May 2012

3M Half-Marathon, Austin, Texas, Jan. 2013

Lincoln Half-Marathon, May 2013

Lincoln Half-Marathon, May 2014

Tell me your running story!

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