FitBloggin Recap - Day 3

Posted July 2, 2014 in Ftibloggin, Georgia, Savannah, travel, health, fitness, yoga, blogging, healthy living

(a view from our hotel)

The final day of FitBloggin was a little less hectic than the first day, but the sessions and sponsors were still awesome.

Here's what happened on Day 3....

Day 3

My roommate Christina and I started the day with a 6 a.m. yoga class taught by Kia Ruiz, who also led the Ignite event the night before. It was more of a relaxy yoga class, which I normally don't love but it felt good to stretch out.

We also did some partner stretches, that were amazing! Sit back to back with your partner. One person bends at the hips, reaching their hands toward their feet as the other person follows them arching their back over their partners back. Try it!

Side note: Christina and I had multiple people ask us if we were sisters! Every time we said, "We just met!"

When we opened our eyes after savasana, we all had little prizes at the top of our mats. I had a Soybu tank and headband! Love it! I had to try them on right away!

After yoga, I got to have the conference breakfast that I missed the day before. Yum!

Christina and I then went outside to check out the Walgreens health tour bus. We even got to shoot a part in a promotional video! 

If you're not aware, you can sync your FitBit to your Walgreens Rewards Card, which allows you to earn points for steps you take! I'm definitely into it!

We also stopped by the California Avocado booth and tried a delicious smoothie and got some awesome recipe books, and free avocados!

After a session on how to pitch brands, we went to lunch at the Kayak Kafe. I had black bean and mushroom tacos and a cocktail called The Palm - vodka, muddled cucumber, muddled mint, pineapple juice and mineragua. It was refreshing and delicious.

The afternoon was packed with sessions on the art of being booked, the legalities of blogging and tech tools for blogging. 

Christina and I decided to grab a quick dinner so we could shop along the River Front before the last event of the conference.

We stopped at a Greek restaurant and I had falafel. Then we shopped!

The last event was a pro-blogger panel and goodbye reception. It was definitely good too hear from bloggers who have had some success, and they served pralines!!!!

After the reception, we walked around downtown one last time, and even stopped to have a beer with Brianna and Brooke.

Sorry for the dark bar photo, but I wanted one last photo of my roommate Christina, me and Brooke from Brooke: Not on a Diet.

What a great conference! I learned so much. But, wait, there's more! Check back later to see photos of my run through Savannah!

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