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Posted July 7, 2014 in yoga, playlist, music, fitness, workouts, exercise, Sweet Success

If you've been reading my Week of Workouts posts, then you know that I've been doing yoga a lot this year. I even did the FitFluential Namaste in May Challenge, and tried to do yoga every day!

It was one of my New Year's goals to do more yoga this year. It was one of the best goals I could have made because I truly feel that it has been life-changing!

I take so much of what I learn in yoga into my day-to-day life. When I'm feeling stressed, I'll stop and just breathe deeply and say a few affirmations to myself. I often set intentions for the day or week. I have also been trying to be more positive (I am often a cynic).

I also just love the practice itself. I love feeling all of my muscles working as I flow through poses. I, of course, have made a few yoga goals. My first goal was to get into crow pose (which I did for just a few seconds!) and I want to eventually do a handstand. Right now I'm scared of being upside down so it's going to take some time. But I'll keep trying!

My go-to yoga studio is Avani Yoga Studio in Hastings - I LOVE going to Yoga Happy Hour on Friday evenings or going to Power Yoga on Saturday mornings. I even participated in a Sun Salutations workshop and the 108 Sun Salutations class on the Summer Solstice. 

However, when the BF moves to Kearney (when we move in together in just a couple of weeks!), I won't be able to go to Avani anymore. I'm super bummed, but I will forever be grateful for the experience and love for yoga that I gained there.

There aren't a ton of yoga options here in Kearney for some reason. The YMCA offers yoga classes, but I don't have a membership there. There are classes taught in the basement of a fabric store, but it's missing the atmosphere of a real yoga studio. There are classes taught by Just Breathe Yoga in the hospital, but they are $12 to drop in, which is more than Avani charges in a real yoga studio setting.

So I'm going to start doing my own practice at home. I have a few yoga DVD's that I like to do, I do Tara Stiles or other yoga videos on YouTube, but I also like to just do my own thing. So I created a new Spotify yoga playlist to jam out to during my practice.

What I really liked about Power Yoga at Avani was that we listened to modern music, not just instrumental music that you equate to yoga classes. When Chelsea taught, her playlist always had this slowed down yoga-y version of No Diggity that made me laugh, but always made me love doing yoga to fun music.

Here is my yoga playlist with some of  my fave songs right now...

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