That time I broke my toe on Stone Mountain

Posted July 9, 2014 in travel, hiking, workout, fitness, Georgia, Atlanta, Stone Mountain, vacation, healthy living, healthy travel

After six days in Georgia on my own, the BF joined me for some site seeing and to be my wedding date to my cousin's wedding. One of the first things on our tourist agenda was to hike up Stone Mountain!

We had no idea what to expect, and as we walked closer and closer to the trail head that led up the mountain we kept asking each other, "Where's the mountain?" Stone Mountain is 1,686 feet, and a 1-mile hike to the top. It looks like a giant dome rock, not what I typically imagine when I think, 'mountain.' But it is the largest exposed mass of granite in the world! Cool fact.

The hike actually got pretty challenging toward the top. They even had hand rails at one point to help you climb to the top. 

I was kind of a hot mess on the way up. Georgia is hot (by the way) and I was sweating from every pore, and sunscreen was stinging my eyeballs. But the view from the top was totally worth it. 

After wiping the sweat from my eyes in the bathroom/gift shop/concession stand at the top, the BF and I enjoyed the view.

Then I decided to take off my shoes and do yoga poses on rocks.

As I stepped up onto a rock, I stubbed my toe. I heard a lot of crunching and cracking in my toe, and it hurt! I figured it was just a stubbed toe and we began our hike down the mountain. But the pain wasn't going away.

When we got back to our hotel, I removed my shoe and sock and the toe was swollen and bruised!!

How do these things happen to me? 

One of the other bridesmaids is a nurse so she gave me her professional opinion, "It could be broken." The BF refuses to believe that it is broken, and has been accusing me of being dramatic. I wore flats to the wedding and powered through dancing the night away and another day of hiking in Atlanta. 

It's still a bit swollen and painful, but what can you do about a "broken" toe? I'm not going to the doctor on this one. I'll just rub some dirt on it and it will be fine. I'll spare you a photo. It's gross.

We had to get back to the city for my cousin's wedding rehearsal so we only had time to do the 1-mile hike to the top, but there is a lot more to see at Stone Mountain. There's a trail that allows you to hike the 5-mile circumference of the mountain. I would like to do that next time. We didn't get to see it, but there's a huge carving of three Confederates. The mountain actually has an interesting history - it was purchased by the state of Georgia in the late 50's, but used a site for KKK activities before that. If you like history stuff, check out the history of Stone Mountain here.

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