Weekend Recap {July 18-20} - Triple Breakfast + Moving

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Sorry my posts have been a bit unpredictable lately! Since the BF and I just moved into our new house last weekend, we don't have our internet hooked up yet! Yes, a whole week without internet. It's torture. Charter was supposed to hook it up Monday, but they didn't show up.

The weekend was filled with more moving! Last weekend, the BF and I started the process of moving in together! Neither of us have to be out of our old houses by any particular date, so we have been slowly moving our stuff into our new house.

But I managed to fit in some workouts, a bit of fun (and A LOT of breakfast) into our busy moving schedule...

Friday, June 18

After work, I went for a run! It was cool all day, so I thought it would be perfect to get out and run. But as soon as I hit the pavement, the sun came out and it got hot. I ended up only making it 2.5 miles before I felt overheated. I'm such a wimp in the summer.

After my run I got back to work unpacking the new house for a bit, then made a grilled cheese sandwich and a runny egg for dinner. Totally random, I know. I made the sandwich with Ezekiel bread and mild cheddar. I was craving grilled cheese!

I spent the rest of my evening watching The Place Beyond the Pines on Netflix, which was a bit depressing, and eating Carrots n' Cake's recipe for Dairy-Free Cookie Dough. Mmmmmm.

Saturday, June 19

I got up at 5:20 a.m., ate two pieces of Ezekiel toast topped with avocado, eggs and black pepper, got dressed and hit the road to Hastings. I had a biking date with my friend Russanne!

We ended up biking about 15 miles (as part of our training for our upcoming 60-mile bike ride). 

When I got home, the BF and I went to the Back Alley Bakery to use up a gift card. Since I already had breakfast, I had breakfast dessert - a cinnamon roll! It was incredibly delicious! Our friends, Mark and Beth, were also there so we got to catch up with them!

After second breakfast, I quickly got ready for Russanne's bridal shower. It was a lovely party, and I had third breakfast! Yikes! I couldn't pass up the mimosa, lemon poppy seed bread, coffee cake, fresh fruit and egg/sausage casserole thing (not pictured).

I was very impressed with myself for my creative bridal shower gift! I hope Russanne liked it as much as I liked it! I'm not sure if she'll actually use any of that stuff on her wedding day, but some it might come in handy. I even wrote (most) of the poem that I included in the gift. The first few lines were stolen from a "bride emergency kit poem template" I found on the internet. 

As soon as I arrived home from the shower, the BF and I got to work packing up more of his stuff and loading up our cars. We then drove back to Kearney to our new house to unload. I ended up not eating lunch since I ate so much in the morning.

My uncle Mike from Kansas was in town, so my parent's made dinner. I had a turkey burger, taco salad with whole wheat tortilla chips, fresh fruit and blueberry pie!

I think I had my fill of sweet baked goods on Saturday!

That evening, my parents, uncle, niece, the BF and I checked out the classic cars at Cruise Nite, a major event here in Kearney. I love the Pepto Bismal pink classic cars! We watched the parade of cars cruise up and down the 25th Street until the sun began to go down, and then the vibe changed a bit. As we were walking to our car, we saw a guy getting arrested and a guy peeing on the side of a vehicle! Cruise Nite is a cool event, but it gets a bit crazy/trashy at night.

Sunday, June 20

The BF and I slept in until almost 8 a.m., and it felt amazing. But when we woke up, we realized we didn't have coffee filters! 

Luckily, my parents live a block away from our new house so I walked down the street and got some coffee filters. After we averted that coffee emergency, I made omelets with zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, orange pepper and feta.

We spent the morning unpacking, and moved my last load of stuff to our new house.

The BF had to leave town to help his sister move, and I said I would stay and unpack. But unpacking seemed totally overwhelming. So I went to my parent's house to do laundry (we haven't moved our washer/dryer yet). I ended up spending the whole day there, and even took a dip in their pool! It was nearly 100 degrees, so the pool was necessary!

I did eventually head home and continue the unpacking. But I also made time for a little Sunday Prep! I haven't done this in sooooooo long! I'm excited that the BF and I are living together now because I won't be out of town at his place on Sunday evenings anymore (he lived in Hastings - an hour away), which means food prep!

I made turmeric shots.

And cut up a watermelon.

And made watermelon juice - watermelon blended with coconut water. (According to my July Fitness magazine, watermelon juice helps reduce soreness when you drink it before working out!)

And made a week's worth of my morning apple cider vinegar drink.

I had a leftover turkey burger for dinner topped with sautéed peppers and onion and feta, and watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High until the BF got home. 

I'm definitely ready for the moving/unpacking process to be over! But our house is still mostly full of boxes. Ugh!

Any tips for me on unpacking?

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