My last recap from Georgia! - My cousin's wedding

Posted July 23, 2014 in wedding, bridesmaid, travel, Georgia, Atlanta, cake, the BF, dancing, traveling

This has taken me forever to get up since I've been moving and I haven't had internet at my new place. But I wanted to share one more post about my Georgia trip!

If you remember, I went to Georgia to attend FitBloggin (see my recaps here and here) and to attend my cousin Kristi's wedding! I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid! She and Avery are such a beautiful couple. It was fun to celebrate with them!

*Just a little side about Kristi and Avery: They are hardcore CrossFitters, and are very healthy, which is why it was super easy to workout and eat healthy when I stayed with them during the first part of the Atlanta leg of my trip (see my Georgia food adventures here). A lot of their CrossFit friends also attended the wedding. I didn't mention that I'm a CrossFit quitter ; )

I don't think most people are close with their cousins, but Kristi and I have always been close. I'm just a year older than her, so growing up we always played together. We both attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the same time, so we got into lots of college mischief together. After college, we even took a fun girls trip to New York City. And now, even though we live miles and miles away from one another, we still stay in touch! We have a lot in common and we can gossip about our family! Lol. So I was so happy to be a part of her wedding. She is really a kind hearted and giving person. She's also a go-getter and a super fab interior designer in Atlanta! Such a beautiful person.

Here are some highlights from her and Avery's beautiful wedding...

Red, white and blue themed rehearsal dinner on July 3 with the BF. Epic top knot.

Morning of the wedding. Getting ready in the bridal suite. Probiotic drink to cancel out the carbs. Jk.


Bridesmaids - Emily, me, Jenny, Jessica and the bride.

Flower girl.

The food.


I absolutely love weddings! Cake and dancing!! Do you like attending weddings?

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