Weekend Recap {July 25-27} - Biking Adventures + Orange is the New Black binge watching

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The weekend went by way too fast! The BF and I did a lot of work moving, unpacking, cleaning, etc. So I'm a bit exhausted today. I need another weekend day to rest and recuperate! 

Friday, July 25

After work, I got right to work unpacking boxes in our new house. The BF and I moved in two weeks ago, and our house is still piled with boxes!

Working for a few hours earned the BF and I some cocktails! I made a delicious Salted Watermelon Margarita (I'll share the recipe soon!) and the BF had his usual Manhattan. 

We then baked a Papa Murphy's Mediterranean DeLite Pizza that my parents gave us to give us a break from putting our house together.

After dinner, we hopped on our bikes for a little adventure (I took out my cute pink fixie). We ended up at the Buffalo County Fair after hearing the sounds of the rides and a band from our house. 

We walked around, people watched and checked out the games and rides. I really wanted one of those giant bananas, but the BF didn't think I could carry it on my bike. 

On our ride, we realized how good we had it in Hastings (where the BF lived before we moved in together). In Hastings, I always felt safe riding my bike at night - the streets are well lit and drivers are conscientious of bikers. In Kearney, the streets are so dark we couldn't see pot holes or street signs. We also had a car full of people scream at us as they drove by. Not cool. We're going to have to get headlights for our bikes!

Saturday, July 26

I woke up early and made French Toast Scramble for breakfast. 

After relaxing on the couch watching a few episodes of Orange is the New Black (I got the BF hooked), we took our road bikes out! My dad was walking a 5K through his job's employee wellness program, so we road our bikes to the hike and bike trail where the 5K was taking place. We cheered my dad on a bit and road next to him as he walked. Then continued on our ride.

Look how hardcore the BF looks on his bike compared to me. He has all the cool gear for road biking, and I have a cheapie helmet, and my regular old Reeboks and workout clothes. I've only had my bike for a couple of months so I'm working on becoming a real biker.

We ended up doing 17 miles! I definitely needed it since I'm going to attempt a 60-mile ride in a couple of weeks!

The BF and I recovered with delicious smoothies - almond milk, banana, coffee ice cubes, coffee, Perfect Fit Chocolate Protein Powder and peanut butter.

It was then time to start our busy day! We drove to Hastings to clean the BF's old house. Cleaning your old place is the not so fabulous part of moving. We spent about five hours sweating our asses off, cleaning and loading the BF's stove and refrigerator into his truck. It was about 94 degrees with 1000% humidity so it was a hot and exhausting day.

After we arrived back in Kearney and unloaded the truck, we took a much needed dip in my parent's pool. Have I mentioned how great it is that my parents live a block away from us?

Around 9 p.m., we decided we needed to head home and have dinner. The BF whipped up some delicious chicken tacos using some leftover shredded chicken. I chopped up about 12 cups of rhubarb that was given to us by the BF's dad and step-mom. I can't wait to bake with it!

I thought we would pass out after our exhausting day, but we ended up staying up super late watching OITNB. The BF is very invested in Crazy Eyes!

Sunday, July 27

We slept in to recover from our busy day and late night Saturday. I made whole wheat waffles with rhubarb topping. They were quite amazing. I used this recipe for the waffles, but used half whole wheat flour and half white flour. The rhubarb topping was just 1 cup of rhubarb, 1 tsp. vanilla extract and 3 tbsp. pure maple syrup, which I simmered on the stove until it was thick.

After a few more episodes of Orange, the BF and I got to work unpacking again. We put in a few hours of hard work while my dad did some electrical and plumbing work on our house. I unpacked my cookbooks! And my home-workout gear!

I threw together a bunch of leftovers for lunch - red quinoa, refried black beans, shredded chicken, avocado, colby jack cheese and sour cream. 

Then more Orange. I couldn't believe how hooked I got! I've already seen the first season and half of the second season, but I felt the need to watch it all over again with the BF. (I've also read the book, which is definitely worth reading!)

Around 4 p.m., I realized I hadn't been outside all day so we took the BF's dog, Coda, for a walk. Then hit up Hy-Vee for some groceries. It wasn't a full grocery haul - they're having their Dollar Days so we stocked up on some specials. 

For dinner, the BF made a delicious spaghetti dinner. He used a Target brand Simply Balanced organic pasta sauce with pumpkin and squash, but he added onion, garlic, peppers and Italian ground turkey. Her served it over buckwheat noodles, and we ate delicious and buttery garlic bread. My contribution was a side salad topped with sunflower seeds and our current fave salad dressing - Trader Joe's Raspberry Walnut Gorgonzola. I also had a PBR (classy!).

For dessert, I had three pieces of Simply Balanced organic dark chocolate with sea salt. 

While the BF prepared dinner, I did a little Sunday prep - I made overnight oats, chia pudding and harissa. Harissa is a Moroccan hot chili pepper paste. I like to use it when I make avocado toast. I use Daphne Oz's Avocado Toast with Harissa recipe (which is also in her book Relish). However, I highly suggest wearing rubber gloves when handling the peppers! My fingers are still on fire today. I thought my eyeballs were going to go up in flames this morning when I put my contacts in!!! 

I can't believe another summer weekend is already gone! We've been spending so many weekends moving and unpacking, I'm ready to have a fun-filled weekend! 

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