Weekend Recap {Aug. 8-10} My first 65-mile bike ride + fried food stomach aches

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This weekend was a bit crazier than expected! I spent lots of time with friends, ate terribly, oh, and rode my bike 65 miles!

Here's what happened...

Friday, Aug. 8

I usually start my recaps with Friday evening, but the BF made an epic lunch using up some of our leftovers and I had to share. He made nachos with multi-grain tortilla chips, refried black beans, chicken, Spanish rice, cheese and cherry tomatoes. It. Was. Amazing.

After work, the BF and I went to Hy-Vee to pick up blueberries, which were on sale for 77 cents a pint! On our way home, we passed a garage sale and the BF noticed a ping pong table for sale. He had to check it out. Well, we are now the proud owners of an $8 ping pong table!

After a sweaty (and serious) game of ping pong in our garage, I made breakfast for dinner - omelets with red and green peppers, onion and cheese, breakfast turkey sausage and English muffins. I sauteed a bunch of extra peppers and onions and sausage so we can make breakfast burritos to freeze. I also had a New Belgium Summer Helles (my fave summer beer!). It felt weird to drink beer with breakfast food!

That night, we rode our bikes downtown to meet up with an old newspaper friend, Molly. We worked together at the Kearney Hub many years ago and she now lives in South Dakota. She was in town visiting family. We had a great time catching up!

While we were at the bar, it down poured and flooded the streets! We walked back to our bikes through ankle deep water! Biking home was quite the adventure!

Saturday, Aug. 9

We stayed out a bit too late, and I drank one too many beers Friday night. My alarm went off at 5 a.m. so that we could pack up and drive to Hastings for the Kool-Aid Days Bike Ride. I didn't feel awesome when I woke up, but I made a bowl of my fave oats and drank an apple cider vinegar drink to try to get rid of my hangover (I'm such a lightweight! I only had a few beers!).

We made it to Hastings by 8 a.m. to start the ride.The BF rode on his own and I rode with our friend, Russanne (it was her birthday!).

I'm going to write a separate post about the bike ride since it was my first ever super long bike ride. 

After riding (65 miles!), I was exhausted and starving. The BF picked me up a Southwest Chicken Salad and a small French Fry from Runza. It tasted amazing.

That night was Russanne's birthday celebration! 

A big group of us drove to Giltner, NE and had dinner at the Sit "N" Bull Saloon. I love small town bars! 

We had fried green beans, fried cauliflower and fried pickles to start. We then ate Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Chicken Supreme Pizza and Taco Pizza (I didn't eat the taco).

It was all amazing, but I felt super sick after. My stomach was cramping and aching for the rest of the night! Too much fried food for me. My body isn't used to all that junk.

We ended the night with some bowling. Just an FYI, bowling in a maxi dress is not easy!

Sunday, Aug. 10

I slept in late Sunday morning (9:30 a.m.!!). I was exhausted from Saturday's bike ride. Luckily, I wasn't sore from the long ride. Not sure how that happened. 

The BF and I had stayed the night at his old house (air mattress and overnight bags), so we spent the morning cleaning and packing up the rest of his stuff. 

We got home around noon, and I tried unpacking more boxes but didn't last long. I was soooooo tired! I spent the afternoon blogging and watching the movie Labor Day, which was pretty heartbreaking but a good movie.

My niece, Brynn, called in the early evening and wanted to come over and hang out. We ended up finding a cute show on Amazon Prime called AnneDroids, which is about a little girl who is a scientist/inventor. Loved it!

When Brynn said she was hungry, the BF and I took her to Hy-Vee for dinner. It was perfect because I had a huge salad to make up for all the crap I ate all weekend.

The BF and I ended the night by eating popcorn (me) and watching the documentary Somm, which is about how people become master sommeliers. It was really interesting!

It's Monday, and I'm getting right back on track today with my eating. I don't want to continue feeling as bad as I did on Saturday!

How was your weekend? How do you recover from a weekend of not so great eating?

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