8 Tips for Staying in Shape on Summer Vacation

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How many times have you returned home from vacation and felt like your pants were more snug than when you left? Almost every time right? Eating out constantly, indulging in more treats and booze than usual and getting away from your usual workout routine are all culprits.

But I totally believe you can go on vacation, have fun, indulge and come home feeling the same way you did when you left home!

I'm headed to Lake McConaughy this weekend in Western Nebraska to camp. While it is a bit easier to stay healthy during camping trips (hiking, swimming, etc), it's still easy to over indulge (s'mores, chips, beer, hot dogs, etc.). Before I travel, whether I'm camping or headed to a city and staying in a hotel, I always make a plan to stay healthy on my trip. 

Vegas.com asked me to share some of my secrets for staying in shape while I'm traveling! Here are some tips to help you feel your best during and after your summer trip!

  • Make a commitment to working out on vacation - It's easy to get that 'I'm on vacation!' mindset and skip workouts and eat everything, but you will feel better and have more energy if you incorporate fitness into your trip. Trust me!

  • Find a fun fitness class - Use FitReserve or ClassPass to find fitness classes near your hotel. When I was in Georgia earlier this summer, I used FitReserve to book a barre class! It was super easy and I got to try a class that isn't offered where I live.

  • See the city on foot - Before your trip, research running trails or running routes. Or ask the hotel concierge about the best places to run. When the BF and I went to Vegas in 2012, we ran up and down the strip early in the morning. It was about 4 miles and we got to see all the sites before tons of tourists were out and about.

  • Discover hotel amenities - Check into the fitness opportunities that your hotel offers. They may offer yoga classes, have hike/bike trails or more. Apparently The Spa at Aria in Vegas offers a 60-minute hike/art walk, which includes body weight exercises and stair climbs. Sounds fun, right? Or you can always hit up the hotel's fitness center. The photo above is the BF running at the fitness center at Element by Westin in Omaha.
  • Book a walking tour - I already mentioned that exploring a city on foot is a great way to sightsee. You can actually book walking tours in many cities. I've always wanted to do a historical walking tour in Boston. You get to learn about the city's history while you're burning calories! 
  • Workout in your hotel room. Use a website like Grokker to do workout videos in your hotel room. Grokker has everything from yoga to HIIT Workouts. Get a 14-Day Free Trial here -->bit.ly/14daysGrokker

  • Explore a nearby state park or monument. While we were in Georgia, the BF and I drove about 25 minutes outside of Atlanta to hike Stone Mountain. We also hiked up Multnomah Falls when we stayed in Portland, OR a few years ago.
  • Be adventurous. As I was preparing for this weekend's camping trip, I was researching hike/bike trails at Lake McConaughy and came across information about stand up paddle boarding on the lake. I immediately reserved some boards! I've never gone stand up paddle boarding before, so it will definitely be an adventure (and a great workout!). Get out of your comfort zone while traveling and do something you've never done before!

  • Sign up for a race. Find a local 5K and 10K and sign up! You'll get to meet the local running community and see the city!

Keep in mind that a workout won't balance out days of unhealthy eating. So make sure you are making healthy choices most of the time and indulging only occasionally. I love to save my travel indulgences for regional foods, delicious desserts or booze!

How do you stay fit while traveling?

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