Week of Workouts {Aug. 23-29}

Posted August 30, 2014 in Week of Workouts, workout, fitness, SUP, stand up paddle boarding, running, cycling, Piloxing, hiking, walking

I only taught ONE fitness class this week! You read that right, one. 

My 6-week Piloxing session through Park and Rec ended last week (the next one starts Sept. 8!), and the pool at my gym is closed for maintenance so I didn't have to teach water aerobics all week. All I taught was a morning cycling class. 

It felt great to come home every day after work and not have to rush to go teach a class. I was starting to feel a bit burned out from all my classes, so the break was needed. This week, I focused mostly on getting my 30 minutes of outdoor activity for the FitFluential August Fresh Air Challenge. It was great to be outside!

Here's what I did this week...

Saturday, Aug. 23 - 1 hour of stand up paddle boarding

Sunday, Aug. 24 - rest

Monday, Aug. 25 - 30 min. bike ride (leisurely pace...I rode alongside the BF as he ran)

Tuesday, Aug. 26 - taught 5:30 a.m. cycling + 45 min. hike

Wednesday, Aug. 27 - taught a 15 min. sample Piloxing class at the new Wellness Center at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (where I work) + 3.5 mile run (I struggled big time)

Thursday, Aug. 28 - 30 min. walk

Friday, Aug. 29 - 3.3 mile run (a much better run than Wednesdays!)

How did you sweat this week?

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