My Goals for Fall

Posted September 25, 2014 in Fall, goals, motivation, intentions, yoga, meditation, finances, blogging, self-care, autumn

When the seasons change, I like to take a little time to set some intentions for the new season. It's the perfect time to reevaluate the goals you've already set or even set some new goals.

At first, I was sad to see summer go. But I realized that fall is full of new opportunities, a chance to wear clothes I haven't seen in ages (cozy sweaters!) and a way to switch up my meals (hello, butternut squash soup, apple crisp and pumpkin everything!).

Here are my goals for fall...

  • Practice self-care consistently. My life is hectic and it's about to get even busier this fall! I've committed to teaching two classes at a new fitness studio and two classes at the campus wellness center, which means I'll be teaching six classes a week plus the occasional class that I sub. On top of my fitness classes, I'm taking classes through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and working on Sweet Success! All that in addition to my full-time job!! In order to have the energy necessary to accomplish everything on my plate, I must take care of myself. Practicing self-care is about feeding your body with nourishing foods, listening to what your body needs (rest, massage, some pampering, etc.) and taking time for yourself. This will be incredibly important for me as life gets crazier!
  • Make Sweet Success bigger and better! Earlier this year, I went to FitBloggin to learn more about becoming a better blogger. One of the many reasons why I wanted to attend FitBloggin was to learn how to monetize my blog. My number one goal is to create content that you find informative, interesting, motivational, entertaining and inspirational. But I do spend a lot of my free time working on that content, and I would like to start earning an income for my work. This hasn't been easy! You've probably noticed the affiliate links that have popped up on my sidebar. When you click those links and purchase a product, I make a commission. You've also probably noticed that I occasionally write posts that contain affiliate links. To be totally honest, I haven't made a whole lot of money from my blog (like, under $10!!). But I do think there's value in the content that I produce, so I'm going to keep trying to make this a paying gig! I also have a long list of other blog goals, but I'm waiting for some changes on the back end of my blog, which are being completed by a web designer. Changes soon!!
  • Find a spiritual practice. I'm definitely not a religious or spiritual person, but I've recently started meditating and doing yoga fairly often. This seems like my style of spiritual practice. I'm learning in my health coaching classes about doing daily morning writing followed by meditation to help clear the mind, find resolution with life's challenges and find inner peace. I love this idea, but getting up in the morning is NOT easy for me. So we'll see how this goes!
  • Find a financial balance. When I went to Georgia over the summer, I had to whip out one of my credit cards. Total bummer. (Read about my trip, hereherehere and here. Sorry about the broken photo links!!! Another thing on my blog to-do list!) The trip was crazy expensive, but totally worth it. In the past year, I had paid off all my credit cards and my car loan. So now I'm back in the hole (in addition to my student loans). I will pay off my CC this fall! The BF and I are also trying to figure out how to pay bills, pay for groceries and pay for household items now that we live together. I'd like to find a simple system that makes things fair and equal. Suggestions are welcome! 

What are your goals for fall?

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