Week of Workouts {Sept. 20-26}

Posted September 27, 2014 in workout, Week of Workouts, fitness, Piloxing, yoga, running, water aerobics, exercise, healthy living

My week got off to a slow start, but I ended up teaching four classes, attended a yoga workshop and got in a (very) short run.

I subbed the water jogging class at my gym and I was reminded of how great of a workout it is! It's an hour-long class and I definitely felt like I got in a good workout.

I'm going to do a full post on my yoga handstand workshop, but I'll tell you now that it was an awesome experience.

My 1.3 mile run may seem weird, but I actually just had to go somewhere so I ran there. Trying to fit fitness into my routine!

Saturday, Sept. 20 - rest

Sunday, Sept. 21 - rest

Monday, Sept. 22 - taught Piloxing at K-Town Shakedown

Tuesday, Sept. 23 - taught morning cycling class and evening deep water aerobics at the Good Sam Wellness/Fitness Center

Wednesday, Sept. 24 - taught 1 hour water jogging class (a great workout!) at Good Sam

Thursday, Sept. 25 - Yoga Handstand Building Blocks Workshop Avani Yoga Studio in Hastings

Friday, Sept. 26 - 1.3 mile run

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