What I Eat in a Day {Oct. 8, 2014}

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I haven't shared a day of eats for quite some time! 

Right now, I'm trying to eat energizing foods to keep me going because I'm teaching 7 fitness classes a week now! But I'm also trying to lose a few pounds because the BF and I gained a couple of pounds after we moved in together

This is a pretty typical day of eating for me. No two days are ever exactly alike, but these are some of the foods I eat consistently. I actually eat oatmeal 75% of the time, but I was short on time so I made a quick breakfast instead.

Here's what I ate...

7:30 a.m. 2 Hy-Vee brand whole wheat waffles with flaxseeds topped with almond butter, 1/2 banana and a drizzle of pure maple syrup and chia seeds; apple cider vinegar drink; coffee

10:30 a.m. Cherry Pie Larabar

12:45 p.m. quinoa topped with black beans, roasted chipotle sweet potatoes and shredded colby jack cheese

and a smoothie with almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/4 cup aronia berries, 1/2 cup watermelon + apple juice

4 p.m. apple with Justin's Honey Peanut Butter

5:30 p.m. Piloxing class

7:30 p.m. turkey burger topped with ketchup and mustard on a whole wheat bun, green beans and fried potatoes with onions

The BF made this delicious dinner while I was teaching Piloxing. 

We each also enjoyed a piece of spice cake. This is my weight loss downfall - sweets! And having cake in the house. I can't resist!

What does a day of meals look like for you?

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