Week of Workouts {Oct. 4-10}

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Between Saturday, Oct. 4 and Thursday, Oct. 9, I taught 10 fitness classes! 

I'm absolutely thrilled about all the opportunities I have to teach right now. I'm teaching my regular classes at the Good Sam Fitness/Wellness Center, I'm teaching Piloxing at K-Town Shakedown and I'm teaching core strength classes at the University of Nebraska at Kearney Wellness Center

I was in a constant state of soreness all week, but it was totally worth it. My classes were all a lot of fun, and I was so proud of everyone for working so hard in my classes. 

This weekend I'm not teaching any classes, so I'm taking some time for yoga and relaxation!

Saturday, Oct. 4 - taught Chizzel, a toning/cardio class + taught core class + taught water jogging class

Sunday, Oct. 5 - Close to 3 mile hike - Read here for more info on this amazing Asics top!

Monday, Oct. 6 - taught Piloxing class

Tuesday, Oct. 7 - taught cycling class + taught core strength class + taught deep water aerobics

Wednesday, Oct. 8 - taught Piloxing class - Check out my Piloxing with Sara page on Facebook for more info on this class!

Thursday, Oct. 9 - taught core strength class + took Insanity class + taught deep water aerobics class

Friday, Oct. 10 - REST!

What was your fave workout this week?

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