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I took a little break from blogging and social media last week because I was in Arizona to attend a wedding! Our friends, Russanne and Justin, (who live here in Nebraska) got married in Mesa. 

It was such a wonderful trip. The weather was warm, I got to enjoy lots of pool time, I saw the beautiful Arizona mountains and desert and I spent tons of quality time with the BF and our friends. I also ate some delicious food! This was an indulgent trip for sure. 

I'm sharing my Arizona experience in two parts because I took tons of photos and I can't edit myself. I want to share everything!

Wednesday, Oct. 15

Our friends, Mark and Beth, picked us up Wednesday at noon and the four of us drove to Denver (a 5 hour trip).

On our way, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for lunch...because who doesn't want donuts for lunch during vacation? I had a spinach, turkey egg white wrap, which wasn't that great. But I also had a Pumpkin Pie Donut, which was great!

In Denver, we had dinner at one of our fave spots, G's, a taco restaurant in Westminster. We stayed with our friend Tyler, who lives in the area and practically lives at G's. I had black bean and avocado tacos and fish tacos. I also had a couple margaritas! I didn't photograph the meal. #fail

Thursday, Oct. 16

We got up early Thursday to make our flight to Arizona. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts again for coffee before the flight. I ordered a pumpkin cake donut, but they were out. I was bummed and ended up getting a maple donut. It wasn't as amazing as I wanted it to be. 

We flew Spirit airlines, and had the crankiest flight attendant I've ever seen. She actually said, "I haven't had my second cup of coffee yet," as a warning to passengers to behave. Luckily, we arrived in Phoenix unscathed by her moodiness. 

We stayed at the Best Western Mezona Inn in downtown Mesa. It was the hotel the bride and groom blocked rooms in, and it was only a couple of blocks away from the wedding location. It also had a great pool with palm trees all around! This was total heaven for this Nebraska girl.

After we checked in, we went in search of food. Lunch was at Mangos Mexican Cafe. I had tilapia tacos, rice and beans and chips and salsa. It was good!

We spent the afternoon checking out shops in downtown Mesa. We ended up going to the Ten-in-One exhibit at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. 

It focused on artists who use the circus as inspiration for their art. Many of the pieces were incredibly beautiful and some were weird and unique. 

After we visited the art gallery, I took this photo of Mark and Beth. I thought it turned out so well! They are such a beautiful couple.

We needed a bit of a rest, so we laid around in our hotel room before venturing out again for hotel room booze (a must when traveling!). I got a bottle of white wine. On our way back, we found this saguaro cactus! It was one of my faves. Cactus take 10 years to grow one foot! This is an oldie!

We then got ready for dinner. Couple selfie.

We met up with our friends Betsy and Tony and went to Nunthaporn's Thai Cuisine, which was also walking distance from our hotel. 

We had the most amazing appetizer - Chicken Curry Puffs, which were chicken, sweet potato, onion and curry powder wrapped in puff pastry. Oh my! I want to eat them right now! We also had Thai toast, which is on the bottom plate in the photo above. It was also delicious.

I ordered Pad Med-Ma-Muang, which was chicken, onion, garlic, cashews, carrots, pineapple, snow peas and soy bean chili paste. It was delicious.

We spent the evening swimming in the hotel pool under the palm trees! 

Check Sweet Success later to find out more about the trip! We went to a mystery castle, saw the Arizona dessert and attended a wedding!

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