Arizona Recap Part 2

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Yesterday, I wrote about the first few days of my trip to Arizona. Read about it here.

Today I'm sharing some fun adventures in the Arizona desert and details about the wedding I attended! Be ready for TONS of photos!

Friday, Oct. 17

The bride, Russanne, requested that I teach a morning water aerobics class so she could get in a light workout the day of her wedding. It ended up being a fun time, and there ended up being about 11 bridesmaids, wedding guests and friends who joined in.

After water aerobics, the BF and I had the hotel's continental breakfast. I felt like I needed to eat something healthy after the previous day's indulgences. I had scrambled eggs and plain instant oatmeal topped with banana slices, honey and peanut butter.

We walked to a car rental place because we realized that Phoenix and Mesa were very spread out. We then headed to the Mystery Castle.

This was an experience! The castle was built by Boyce Gully for his daughter. The entire castle was built by all found and recycled items. 

He died in 1945 before his family moved into the castle. But his daughter ended up living the rest of her life there. 

She added lots of interesting items to the house. It was weird, creepy, interesting and totally worth $10. I mean, look at this view of Phoenix!

The BF wanted to eat at In-N-Out Burger for lunch, so we stopped there. They only serve burgers there, so I had French fries "animal style" and they were disgusting. Luckily, I also ordered a vanilla milkshake.

Our last stop of the day was the NailSpa Corner for pedicures! The BF has his eyes closed, but he looks really happy. He loves pedis.

It was then time to get ready for the wedding. Here are some photos from the big night...

I ate 1/2 red velvet cupcake, 1/2 carrot cake cupcake and 1 chocolate creme filled cupcake. Yum!

I totally failed and didn't get a single photo of the bride and groom. I'm sad I didn't get a photo taken with Russanne. She looked absolutely beautiful!

After we got back to the hotel, we all put on our swimsuits and spent lots of time in the pool and hot tub!

Saturday, Oct. 18

I woke up with a bit of a headache from all the wine I drank at the wedding. I had grand plans to either go for a run or go to a yoga class at a nearby yoga studio. But instead, I slowly made my way to the hotel breakfast bar. I repeated the breakfast from the day before - scrambled eggs and oatmeal, but I also had some breakfast sausage. We then slowly got ready for the day.

We ended up stopping at a craft market after we picked up coffee in downtown Mesa. I really wanted one of these cookies, but I ended up buying a jar of all natural lotion made by Dewey's Bath & Beauty Products. I got Beach Bum, which is made with coconut oil and essential oils.

We then drove to Saguaro Lake, which was about 40 minutes outside of Mesa. We ended up taking a boat tour of the lake on the Desert Belle

This is Four Peaks, which is featured on tons of Arizona tourism stuff and on the Arizona license plates.

After our lake tour, we headed back toward Mesa. But first, we stopped so the BF could become one with nature. He really wanted to go on a hike, but we couldn't find a trail along the highway through Tonto National Forest. We ended up walking along a stream.

Checking out some cactus.

And almost walking into a huge bee hive. And we saw wild horses! I was a bit freaked out.

After our short hike, we went back to our hotel in Mesa and jumped right in the pool. It wasn't until a few hours later that we all got ready for dinner. This was my pre-dinner selfie.

We went to The Dhaba, an Indian restaurant, for dinner. I found it on UrbanSpoon. It had tons of great reviews. While we waited for our table, I hopped in the pedicab so the BF could take me on a pretend ride.

Then there was this. One of the best Indian meals I've ever had! We ordered a delicious appetizer, but I can't remember what it was called. We also got garlic naan and pistachio naan. I ordered vegetable khorma, which was absolutely amazing!

After dinner, we were all stuffed. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before 10 p.m. 

We left Arizona the next day after having breakfast at the hotel. We flew back to Denver and drove to Nebraska, and arrived home around 10 p.m.

It was a wonderful trip! I'm definitely having some post-vacation blues, but I'm focusing on getting back to healthy eating since I indulged a bit during this trip. 

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