Healthy Halloween Tips + a Spooky Workout Playlist

Posted October 30, 2014 in Halloween, healthy, holidays, healthy living, healthy eating, candy, workout, workout playlist, healthy tips

Happy Halloween!

I hope you have plans for a fun and memorable holiday. I absolutely love Halloween. I love coming up with a great costume idea, creating the costume and getting dressed up.

My absolute favorite costume I've worn as an adult is definitely my cupcake costume that I wore in 2011!

My dad helped me create my cupcake out of a circle laundry basket, poster board, quilt batting and sparkly card stock. We made suspenders that were attached to the inside using sheer white ribbon. I also made a cherry headband out of a styrofoam ball, red paint, a stick and a headband. It was a major project, but it turned out amazing! The BF dressed up as a baker. It was adorbs!

*Note: I couldn't sit down in this costume and going to the ladies room was nearly impossible. The entire cupcake had to be taken off. But it was totally worth it!

This year, the BF and I are going to a murder mystery party!! The murder takes place in the early 70's, so I'm wearing a vintage 70's dress I bought at an antique store a few years ago. I'll post photos, of course.

In addition to loving the dressing up part of Halloween, I also love the candy. Duh! I have a major sweet tooth. I think it's totally OK to enjoy a few sweets during holidays, but going overboard one day can lead to days and days of overindulging. So I like to try to keep myself in check.

Here are my tips for having a healthy Halloween…

To get yourself motivated to workout on Halloween, here's a fun playlist! Find it on Spotify here.

Follow me on Spotify at sara_mg-us for more fun workout playlists!

Have a happy and healthy Halloween!

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