October Goals Review

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Earlier this month, I set some small goals for October that would help me get closer to my overall fall goals.

I used Brooke: Not on a Diet's format for goal setting and set daily, weekly and monthly goals with a reward if I achieved those goals. I think I did OK. I definitely didn't accomplish all of my goals, but having something to check off every day made me work harder to achieve the goals that I had set.

Here's how I did...

Daily Goals

Meditate - I meditated every single day until I went to Arizona. I definitely could have meditated while we traveled, but to be honest, I didn't even think about it. I must have been relaxed on the trip! Then when we got back, it took a few days for me to get back in the habit. I ended up meditating 20 days this month!

Burpees - I was following the Lorna Jane Burpee Challenge. Again, I did them every day until I left for Arizona. Then it was kind of off and on when I got back. I did do burpees 22 days this month! I worked my way up to doing 56 burpees in a row (actually broken up to catch my breath every 10 or so!).

10,000 steps - This was hard! Because I sit at my desk all day, this one is really important to me. And now that the weather is getting colder, it's hard to motivate myself to get up and walk. During the summer, I used to take walks during the workday. I hit 10,000 steps 17 days in October. I used my FitBit to count my steps.

Weekly Goals

Juice - I ended up juicing twice this month. I didn't make fresh juice the week I was in Arizona or the last week of October when the BF and I were holding out on buying groceries to save some money. 

Yoga Class - I made it to four yoga classes this month! This is something I'm proud of because I've been trying to find yoga classes I like around here! I did some yoga videos at home, but I just prefer the atmosphere of a yoga class. I'm determined to find a great (and affordable) yoga class here.

AM Pages - I did morning pages three times this month. I learned about morning pages in my Institute for Integrative Nutrition classes. They are supposed to help you get out your worries, ideas, fears, etc. and then you can either move on from them or take action. I'm not sure how much I got out of these writings. Maybe I need to do them more than once a week.

Run Twice a Week - Total fail! I think I ran once a week every week this month. I taught 5-7 fitness classes each week in October, and running just didn't happen.

Monthly Goals

Read Two Books - I read This is Where I Leave You and I'm almost finished with Eat, Pray, Love!

Save $500 - I did it! Saving is not easy for me. But since most people my age are committing their lives to others, buying homes and caring for tiny humans, I figured I should probably do something adult-like. I read somewhere that you should have three-months worth of expenses saved just in case of an emergency. I'm nowhere near that and I'll most likely end up spending my savings on a trip. I can always convince myself that traveling is an emergency.

My reward was going to be a new Fabletics outfit. That's not happening! I need to come up with better rewards because a Fabletics outfit is something I would buy myself anyway, without having to earn it. The reward needs to be something I normally wouldn't buy/do for myself. Something I will work hard for. Any ideas?

I'm going to try this again! I'll come up with some new goals for November and post them early next week. 

What goals did you accomplish this month?

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