Week of Workouts {Oct. 25-31}

Posted November 1, 2014 in workout, fitness, Week of Workouts, yoga, Piloxing, cycling

OK, I seriously need to start doing some more of my own workouts just to make these posts more exciting. Here's yet another week of me teaching a bunch of fitness classes and not doing much else.

I did, however, take a great spooky power yoga class on Halloween morning at K-Town Shakedown (where I teach Piloxing) with the BF. The fitness studio was lit with black lights and glowing neon sticks. I wore a white tank and my blue and white leopard leggings so that I would glow! 

Since it was on Halloween, we focused on fear. We worked on dropping back into wheel pose (a back bend) with the assistance of two other people. I get super freaked out about any upside down stuff in yoga (remember the handstand workshop I went to?), but I actually did really well with the wheel. 

Here are my workouts from the past week...

Saturday, Oct. 25 - taught Piloxing

Sunday, Oct. 26Grokker detox vinyasa yoga video (create an account and you'll have access to tons of free fitness videos and cooking videos!)

Monday, Oct. 27 - taught Piloxing

Tuesday, Oct. 28 - taught morning cycling class and evening deep water aerobics

Wednesday, Oct. 29 - taught Piloxing (it was a hot and steamy class!)

Thursday, Oct. 30 - taught deep water aerobics

Friday, Oct. 31 - spooky power yoga class

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