Weekend Recap {Oct. 31-Nov. 2) - Murder Mystery Party

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I went into the weekend feeling like I was getting a cold, and fully intended to get lots of rest. Well, that didn't really happen. I felt like I was on the go all weekend. And I'm, unfortunately, feeling worse today.

But it was a great weekend full of lots of family time, fun with friends and some Halloween treats!

Oct. 31 - I dressed up at work even though no one in my office dresses up for Halloween. I wore my new cute retro glasses. 

After work, my niece, Brynn, stopped by to trick or treat. She was an adorable baseball player. 

That evening, the BF and I drove to Hastings for a murder mystery party! Our friends, Mark and Beth, hosted the party. Beth wrote the mystery, which was set in 1977. We all got into character by dressing up in our best late 70's attire. I wore a vintage 70's dress I've had for a few years and went blonde for the night! My character was Cassie Collins, the girlfriend of the deceased lead guitarist of the band Atreides. There was so much detail to the story! I was very impressed with Beth's murder mystery writing skills!

The party was lots of fun! It took us a few hours to figure out who the murderer was, and the BF and I had a lot of fun hanging out with our Hastings friends.

I made chocolate pumpkin almond butter cups for the party. I ended up having one mini Almond Joy and a couple almond butter cups as my Halloween treats. I was proud of myself for not going overboard on sweets!

We got home around 2 a.m. and I was absolutely exhausted!

Nov. 1 - I woke up feeling pretty groggy around 8 a.m. 

I made a quick breakfast of frozen whole wheat waffles topped with blueberry jam, chia seeds and almond butter.

I then walked to yoga class at the Good Sam Fitness Center (where I teach cycling and water aerobics). It was absolutely freezing - 28 degrees! But the yoga class was great, and totally worth the walk.

The rest of the morning was spent making Pumpkin Spice Syrup for homemade pumpkin spice lattes, checking emails and social media and doing laundry. The BF was working in Lincoln, so I was on my own for most of the day.

I then joined my parents and Brynn for the high school theatre's presentation of Cinderella. It was so much fun!

After the play, Brynn wanted to come to my house to hang out. She put on a fashion show with all my dresses, costumes and high heels while we listened to Taylor Swift.

The BF got home from work that evening, and my parents came over for dinner. We ordered pizza from Dominos. It was a great afternoon and evening with the fam!

Nov. 2 -  When I woke up Sunday morning I felt pretty terrible - sore throat, tired, headache. I had every intention of spending the day doing absolutely nothing.

I decided I would relax after breakfast. I made an an egg scramble with green peppers, onion, turkey bacon and cheddar. I also had a piece of whole wheat toast with blueberry jam.

I then decided I would rest after meal planning for the week. But then the BF and I went to Target and Hy-Vee. (I'll post a grocery haul later this week!)

Then we went to the movie theatre to see St. Vincent (so good!). We picked up candy at Target before the show - I got dark chocolate covered almonds (the best way to get something healthier and cheaper!).

Brynn came over after the movie and played dress up again. This time she dressed up as me. This is exactly how I look when I go to work every day! I always have my water bottle and my coffee.

The BF and I, my brother, sister-in-law and Brynn had dinner at my parent's house. We had whole wheat spaghetti with turkey tomato sauce, garlic bread and asparagus.

The weekend definitely went by way too fast. I had a list of things I planned on doing that I didn't accomplish. But I got to spend some quality time with the people I love, and that definitely beats crossing things off my to do list.

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