Novemeber Goals

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Last month, I set some goals for the month - something new I'm trying to help me reach my larger overall goals for fall

I got the idea from a blogger I met at FitBloggin. Brooke Not on a Diet creates daily, weekly and monthly goals each month and decides on a reward if she meets her goals. I totally love this idea because I often set lots of goals, get motivated, then lose steam and don't accomplish my goals.

I did OK, last month. See what I accomplished in October here.

I realized that I need to come up with a better reward. My reward was a Fabletics outfit, something that I would buy for myself even if I didn't earn it. So for this month, I came up with something that I normally wouldn't do for myself.

Daily Goals

Drink at least 90 oz. of water -  I usually drink tons of water, but I noticed that I've been drinking less since it started getting colder outside. When I don't drink enough water I get headaches, I feel like I need to snack and I don't have as much energy to get through workouts.

10,000 steps - This was one of my goals last month, but I made it to 10,000 steps just 17 days. I really want to get there every day for a month!

Self-care - Practicing self-care is something I've learned a lot about in my Institute for Integrative Nutrition classes. I've been so much more aware of what makes me feel better physically and mentally since thinking about incorporating self-care into my routine. But I still don't always take the time for self-care. My goal is to practice self-care daily! It can be small like taking a hot bath or foam rolling or it can be something bigger like getting a massage.

Weekly Goals

Yoga twice a week - Last month, my goal was to take a yoga class once a week. My goal was to try to find a yoga class that I like. I had been taking yoga classes at Avani Yoga Studio in Hastings when the BF lived there, but I hadn't found a classes here in Kearney that I liked. I liked a couple of the classes I took, and now I want to practice more consistently. My goal for this month is to do yoga twice a week. It can be a class or a DVD or online video at home. 

Run twice a week - This was also a goal last month. I ended up going running once a week - mostly because I was teaching 5-7 fitness classes a week. I'll only be teaching five classes a week in November, so I want to fit more running in!

Get up early to workout twice a week - In order to do yoga twice and run twice a week, I'll need to get up early. I teach fitness classes Monday through Thursday nights, so mornings are perfect for doing my own workouts. I just have to get myself out of bed! Something that's not easy for me!

Read two magazines a week - I love magazines. I subscribe to Shape (Kindle version), Fitness, Self, Marie Claire, Women's Health and Redbook. But I rarely read my magazines! I really need to catch up on my mags...especially since some of them are like eight months old. I also need to resist the urge to subscribe to more magazines!

Monthly Goals

Save $300 - I'm working on building up my savings account and it totally helps to have a specific goal each month!

Read two books - This was a goal last month also. One of my New Year's goals was to read 12 books this year. I'm almost there, but I need to step it up these last two months of the year. 

Reward - A massage! I think I've had two or three massages this year and two of them were because I had gift cards. But every time I get a massage, I think it's something I should do more often. In addition to feeling incredibly relaxed, my muscles feel so much better and less stiff after a massage.

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