Week of Workouts {Nov. 8-14}

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I had another week FULL of teaching fitness classes. Between Saturday and Friday, I taught 10 classes!! 

I subbed five classes this week at the Wellness Center. I have some financial goals, so I'm picking up classes whenever I can to make extra money : )

My week was pretty crazy. After I taught class every evening, I had phone meetings for my Institute for Integrative Nutrition classes. So I wasn't eating dinner until nearly 8:30 p.m. I just felt like I didn't have any down time. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by my busy schedule. Then, on Friday, I was reading my emails, and I saw the perfect quote from BexLife...

'"Busy" is an opinion. I'd rather use "full" and "abundant" and "always open to new experiences" to describe my life.'

That's such a great way to think about a busy life in a more positive way!

Friday morning, I did a hip opening yoga sequence and it was much needed! I've been having some hip pain for the past few weeks and, I'm guessing, it's because I've been working out so much! It's time for some self-care!

I also took lots of workout selfies this week!

Saturday, Nov. 8 - taught chizzel, a cardio + toning class, core & more, an abs class, and aqua blast, a water jogging class + 3 mile run

Sunday, Nov. 9 - yoga class

Monday, Nov. 10 - taught Piloxing at K-Town Shakedown

Tuesday, Nov. 11 - taught cycling, core & more and deep water aerobics + The Fitness Games abs circuit

Wednesday, Nov. 12 - taught Piloxing

Thursday, Nov. 13 - taught core & more and deep water aerobics + The Fitness Games abs circuit

Friday, Nov. 14hip opening yoga on Grokker

What do you think about reframing your thoughts when you feel overwhelmed by your busy schedule?

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