Friday Faves {Nov. 21, 2014}

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I have some random fitness and health favorites that I want to share with you today!

Reebok Yo-Ga Hoodie - I'm completely obsessed with my new Reebok sweatshirt! It's so soft on the inside and completely cozy. I don't know what I've been wearing for the last few years, but I have only owned one zip up hoodie sweatshirt until now. I think I need more sweatshirts in my life. 

This Reebok sweatshirt is actually featured on my Health and Fitness Gift Guide on Pinterest! 

My Vitacost Order- I recently ordered a couple of supplements from Vitacost, a website that has discounted vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition, health food and natural beauty products. It's totally nerdy, but I'm really excited about my new liquid multivitamin. 

Why a liquid multivitamin? Well, your body can't always properly digest multivitamins that are in pill form, which means your body may not be absorbing all the vitamins and nutrients in the pill. Liquid vitamins have a better absorption rate. The one that I bought is also made with organic ingredients. 

Here's a referral link to save $10 off your first order from Vitacost:

SweatList Swag - I recently became a SweatGuru (see the badge on my sidebar), and I joined the SweatList, an online community that connects fitness enthusiasts. 

My welcome gift was a super cute Let's Get Sweaty tank, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts and Hemp Pro Protein Powder, Awesome Bars in Coconut Pecan, a SweatGuru resistance band and a Sweat Happens bag from SweatPink. Lots of fun stuff! I already tried the Aweomse Bars and the Hemp Pro protein powder in vanilla. Both were delicious!

My niece's meditation practice - OK, so Brynn doesn't have a serious meditation practice, but when she comes to my house we always meditate. She always find meditation music on YouTube first and gets cozy on the pillow. I just think she looks so freaking cute sitting on my meditation pillow. I could just die from cuteness overload when I look at this. I'm pretty sure she likes coming to my house because we do wacky things like meditate, do yoga and make vision boards. I'm quite certain I'll be known as Crazy Aunt Sara soon if I'm not already.

But seriously, here are Five Reasons Why Children Should Meditate.

What I learned from my dental hygenist - I went to the dentist for my regular six month cleaning, and my dental hygenist was an expert in orofacial myology. She told me lots of interesting things!

Basically, I'm a mouth breather, which is a terrible thing. I became this way as a child. I sucked on a pacifier until I was four years old. My mouth became vaulted and my upper lip was shortened because of my pacifier usage. So it's natural for me to have my mouth open. Also, because I have spent my life breathing through my mouth, my nasal passages never developed.

So why does it matter that I'm a mouth breather (according to my dental hygenist)...

  1. My breathing suffers. People who breath through their nose actually have better lung capacity than mouth breathers. My dental hygenist said my running could be greatly improved if I learn how to breath through my nose! She suggested that I use saline nasal spray a few times a day to start to expand my nasal passages. 
  2. I clench my teeth while I sleep. I had to get a night guard earlier this year because of my nighttime clenching. If I practice breathing through my nose and get to a point where it's natural, my clenching could go away! I just need to learn how to keep my lips together, teeth apart and tongue at the roof of my mouth during the day, which will hopefully help me at night.
  3. My teeth are discolored. Because my front teeth are exposed to air most of the time, the enamal has worn away and my teeth are discolored. Teeth whiteners do nothing to fix this. There are actually exercises I can do to lengthen my upper lip! Or, I can get that little piece of skin on the inside of my upper lip clipped off to let my lip fall. Yuck. 
  4. I could get a double chin when I'm older! Have you ever seen a thin older person with a double chin? My dental hygenist says its because the tongue has lost muscle tone and it falls back causing that little wabbly bit under the chin. When you breath through your nose, you keep your mouth closed, your tongue  lightly pressed on the top of your mouth and your teeth slightly apart. When you breath through your mouth, your tongue just lays on the bottom of your mouth and doesn't work as hard. Gotta keep those tongue muscles strong, I guess! (FYI: I Googled "Is a double chin caused by weak tongue muscles?" and couldn't find anything).

What are some of your faves lately?

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