Weekend Recap {Nov. 28-30}

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I had such a wonderful holiday weekend that I didn't want it to end! 

I spent tons of time with family, completed some great workouts, ate delicious food and got in the holiday spirit.

Here are the details on my weekend...

Friday, Nov. 28 -

My parents, the BF and I left for Lincoln early in the morning. The BF had to work his weekend job, and the rest of us had plans to shop! I didn't do any Thanksgiving day shopping or early Friday morning shopping, but I still wanted to check out some Black Friday deals. (I did do some online shopping Thanksgiving morning ; )

We stopped at The Mill in the Haymarket to fuel up on lattes and pastries before shopping. I had a decaf chai latte and a vegan Jamaican spice muffin.

At Kohl's, I picked up a bunch of gifts and these amazing leggings for myself...

They are Fila Sport running tights. I bought a medium, but I think I'm going to exchange them for a small. They seem to run a bit large.

After a quick stop at Whole Foods, we went to lunch at Leadbelly in the Haymarket. The BF was just finishing up his work, so he met us there. I had a buffalo veggie burger, which was very tasty. (The menu said their veggie burgers are the best in town.)

We then went to SouthPointe Pavillion Mall and Trader Joe's.

I picked up lots of Christmas gifts, and this amazing juice container for myself! I can't wait to make juice and see if this works better than my mason jar storing method.

Here's our Whole Foods/Trader Joe's haul...

Hello peppermint Joe-Joe's! I'm super excited about the acai smoothie pack from Whole Foods, and the bottled green juice, the cranberry apple butter and the bottle of carmenere from Trader Joe's.

When we got home, the BF and I didn't feel like cooking dinner so we went out for Mexican. I got my usual chicken fajitas. 

We also made a late night stop at Target. All apparel was 40% off for Black Friday! We picked up some gifts for his niece and nephew, and I got a few pieces from C9 by Champion. This tank and this jacket. Both are super flattering. I love that the back of the tank is longer and that the jacket is very slimming!

Saturday, Nov. 29

I slept in until nearly 8:30 a.m. I guess all that shopping wore me out. I made egg nog French toast for breakfast. I used So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog in place of milk. Delicious!

I then got out all of our Christmas decorations! Everything but the tree. It somehow went missing during our move back in July. How do you lose a Christmas tree? We had to make an emergency trip to Target to get a new tree.

I spent most of the afternoon putting up the tree and decorating the house while I listened to the She and Him Christmas album.

The weather was insanely gorgeous (nearly 80 degrees), so the BF and I went out for a run in the afternoon. My niece, Brynn, and my mom stopped by on their bikes just as we were heading out the door. They joined us for most of our run. 

I had eaten an apple about 40 minutes before our run and felt really nauseous for the entire run! I even had to stop a few times because I thought I was going to throw up. I've never had that happen before. Lesson learned!

After our run, we stopped by my parent's house to pick up some Christmas decorations and they offered to order us dinner. They were ordering Whiskey Creek, which was good because the BF had been wanting a steak (something I don't eat). I ordered a macademia nut crusted chicken salad. It was OK. 

We ended the night with some leftover pumpkin pie! It was delicious!

Sunday, Nov. 30 -

My niece came over around 8 a.m. to hang out in pajamas. I made veggie omelets, turkey bacon and English muffins for breakfast.

We then put ornaments on our Christmas tree. After decorating, Brynn played dress up in my closet while I did some cleaning. Then she watched a few episodes of Androids on Amazon Prime (a super cute show about a girl inventor). She also joined me as I practiced new Piloxing choreography. 

Brynn was ready to head back to Papa and Grandma's house after lunch. We had leftover chicken and veggie curry, naan and salads. She surprisingly liked curry!

The rest of the day was spent:

  • cleaning
  • watching a cheesy Christmas movie
  • going to the gym - 20 min. walk + SarahFit Booty Bootcamp
  • blogging
  • reading magazines
  • doing laundry

For dinner, the BF made cashew crusted chicken, I made an amazing kale salad (I'll share the recipe soon!) and we heated up my mom's Mexican stuffing. Since we had Thanksgiving dinner with the BF's fam, my mom made us our own dish to enjoy. It was a delicious meal!

How was your holiday weekend?

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