The Best of Oktoberfest

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I'm departing from my usual healthy recipes and healthy tips to talk about beer!

Something you may not know about me - I love beer! I usually post fun cocktail recipes and talk about my love of champagne (champs), but I do love a good beer. Yes, I'm a health coach and I drink beer! I whole-heartedly believe that the majority of our diets should be made up of plant-based and whole foods. But there's also room for things that bring us mental, emotional and physical pleasure.

The BF and I love craft beer, especially Oktoberfest brews. So we decided to embark on an Oktoberfest adventure. We bought every Oktoberfest beer we could find and conducted taste tests. 

We've actually never done an official beer tasting, but we have both been to lots of wine tastings and assumed beer tasting would be similar. It is! Look, swirl, smell, taste. We were good to go there, but we weren't really sure about what to look for or even sure how to describe beer. Luckily, the internet can tell you anything! 

As we tested each beer, we kept an organized spread sheet with beer ratings, descriptions of each beer including the smell, taste, head, lacing, etc. and the calorie count (we kept track of cals for Sweet Success).

Our favorites are based purely on taste. This post has nothing to do with low-calorie or "healthy" options! My philosophy with beer is that you should go for the more flavorful craft beers or microwbrews, have 1-2 and be done. No sense in drinking a flavorless light beer and drinking 5 or 6 of them. Savor the flavor of your beer!

But I do think you should be aware of how many calories are in your beer because some craft beers have nearly 200 calories a serving. 

We gave all of our beers a rating of 1-5. Fives were the best. 

Below is the list from our faves to our least faves with a short description of the flavor and the calories per 12 oz. bottle.

Beck's Oktoberfest Lager (5) - lightly carbonated, strong malt flavor, by far our favorite - 155 cals

Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen (4) - malty caramel flavor - 151 cals

Point Oktoberfest (4) - sweet smell, lightly carbonated - 182 cals

Lucky Bucket Oktoberfest (4) - lightly carbonated, more hoppy than other Oktoberfests, has a caramel finish - 157 cals

Sam Adams Oktoberfest (3.5) - malty, light caramel flavor, very easy to drink - 187 cals

Boulevard Oktoberfest (3.5) - smooth with very little carbonation, malty flavor, a beer you could drink A LOT of - 185 cals

Millstream Brewing Co. Oktoberfest (3.5) - a bit of sweetness, caramel finish - 180 cals.

Leinenkugel Oktoberfest (2) - malt flavor with a bitter nutty finish - 170 cals

Shiner Oktoberfest (2) - smells citrusy, sweet and lightly carbonated, acidic, hoppy flavor - 170 cals

Weihenstephaner Oktoberfest (2) - intense carbonation, hoppy finish - 162 cals

What is your favorite Oktoberfest beer?

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