Week of Workouts {Dec. 13-19}

Posted December 20, 2014 in Week of Workouts, yoga, hot yoga, Piloxing, cycling, water aerobics, fitness, exercise, healthy living

I can't believe another week in December has gone by! This month is just flying!

This week was all about yoga. One of my goals this month was to do yoga every day. Well, that hasn't exactly happened. But I decided to recommit this week. I signed up for Gaiam's 12 Days of Gratitude. They send you a new yoga video every day until Christmas. I did the videos most days. On the days I didn't do the video, I just did my own quick yoga practice, a DVD or took a class.

I love doing yoga every day because it stretches out my sore muscles and it gives me an opportunity to get centered and step away from my daily stresses. Even if I only get in 10 minutes, I can still feel the benefits!

Here are my workouts from the week...

Saturday, Dec. 13 - hot power yoga

Sunday, Dec. 14 - rest

Monday, Dec. 15 - taught Piloxing at KTown Shakedown

Tuesday, Dec. 16 - taught cycling and deep water aerobics at the Good Sam Wellness Center

Wednesday, Dec. 17 - taught Piloxing

Thursday, Dec. 18 - taught deep water aerobics

Friday, Dec. 19 - Element: Power Yoga DVD

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