Weekend Recap {Dec. 19-21}

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Merry Monday before Christmas! I hope your weekend was festive.

I definitely felt festive over the weekend! The BF and I celebrated the holiday with friends at a gingerbread house making party, and we finished up our Christmas shopping and gift wrapping.

I celebrated the Winter Solstice with 108 Sun Salutations! And we ate some absolutely delicious food (inclduing gingerbread house ingredients).

Friday, Dec. 19

I was absolutely exhausted after I got off of work. It was a long week, and a long day. But I managed to get dinner together.

I made chicken harissa with red and green peppers, jasmine rice, garlic naan and roasted Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. I also threw together salads with Swiss chard, kale, shredded Brussels sprouts, apple slices, sliced almonds and homemade dressing. It was a big dinner, but I didn't have time to eat breakfast, and I had a small lunch so I was starving. I also felt like I needed to catch up on my produce intake for the day.

After dinner, the BF wanted to work on his Christmas shopping. We went to Target and the mall to pick up some gifts.

We got home around 10 p.m., and I headed to bed pretty early.

Saturday, Dec. 20

I threw together some omelets with red peppers, Swiss chard, kale, shredded Brussels sprouts and feta for breakfast. Then hopped in the car to drive to Hastings. The BF had a meeting, and we had plans to attend an afternoon party.

After the BF's meeting, we stopped at the Back Alley Bakery for lunch. I had some delicious peppermint tea, and I had a turkey pesto panini and a salad. Everything was delicious.

Then it was time for gingerbread house making!

We had such a great time at our friend Russanne's house getting crafty.

I went with a colorful and cheerful house.

The BF's house features a crime scene and a rocket.

All of us girls showing off our beautiful Christmas sweaters.

And our little village of houses...

It was such a fun party, and a great way to relax with friends before Christmas! I also rediscovered my love of pretzels dipped in frosting. That's addictive stuff!

Before leaving Hastings, we had dinner with our friends Mark and Beth at the Bullseye Bar and Grill. I had a grilled chicken taco salad.

The BF headed to bed early, but I stayed up and watched a Christmas movie.

Sunday, Dec. 21

The BF and I slept in until nearly 8 a.m. As soon as I got up, I got to work making French toast using some cranberry pecan bread we picked up at Back Alley Bakery on Saturday. I used a bit of So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog instead of milk. It was a delicious breakfast.

Then it was time for 108 Sun Salutations to celebrate the Winter Solstice! The number 108 has a lot of significance in yoga, and 108 Sun Salutations are often done on the Winter and Spring Solstices to mark a new beginning. It's also a great practice in discipline, and the repitition is meditative.

Doing 108 Sun Salutations is also a great workout! I was dripping in sweat and my arms were shaking! Check my Facebook page and Instagram to see a video of some of my salutations.

For lunch, I made a delicious salad with Swiss chard, kale, shredded Brussels sprouts, mixed greens, pomegranate arils, apple slices, sliced almonds, feta and a homemade dressing with olive oil, Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar and brown sugar.

The BF and I then headed out to finish up his Christmas shopping and buy groceries for Christmas Eve dinner and my Christmas baking. I'm so excited for our Christmas Eve dinner!

Later, I made some DIY yoga mat spray. I used a recipe from Fitnessista, and used lemongrass essential oil.

Then we had pizza and salads for dinner. For dessert, we had peach almond bread, which was a gift from one of our neighbors for Christmas! We have the nicest people living in our neighborhood.

We ended the night by watching the documentary I am Santa Claus, which was great! Kind of sad, but also a bit heartwarming.

How did you spend the weekend before Christmas?

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