My goals for 2015

Posted December 31, 2014

I absolutely love the beginning of a new year. There's so much promise for exciting things to come, and it's a chance to set new goals and rid yourself of habits that no longer serve you.

I also love to take this time to reflect on the past year. Yesterday, I recapped some of the highlights from 2014. It made me feel so grateful for the people in my life, the opportunities that I had and all of the wonderful memories I created.

Since it's New Year's Eve, I wanted to share some of my goals for 2015. (Read yesterday's post for tips on setting realistic goals.)

  • I learn how to prevent my headaches by my 32nd birthday (May 1) - I've mentioned my headaches a lot here, and you're probably getting as sick of reading about my headaches as I am of having them! My first action step for this goal, is meeting with my gynecologist the first week of January (most of my headaches are hormonal). My second action step is to create a relaxing bedtime routine. I often wake up with headaches from clenching my jaw. I wear a night guard to protect my teeth, but it doesn't prevent me from clenching. I need to relax! My third action step is to do an elimination diet to see if there are any foods that trigger my headaches.

  • I have six health coaching clients by June 2015. One of the exciting things happening in 2015 is that I'm launching a health coaching business! I'm enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I am now officially working with clients to help them to create a healthier and happier life, reduce stress, have more energy, and reach their health goals. Check out my website here.

  • I start yoga instructor training in October 2015. I've been thinking about becoming a yoga instructor for quite some time now. I've been taking yoga classes, and doing yoga at home regularly for over a year now. It's been completely life changing. I would love to give others the same experience I've had through my yoga practice. I picked the fall because I'll finish my IIN classes in June, and that will give me a few months to research yoga instructor training programs.
  • I save $2,000 for a trip to Yellowstone in the summer 2015. The BF and I have been talking about going to Yellowstone for months now. I've already been stashing away the money I make from teaching Piloxing classes to help pay for our trip. I love having a trip on the horizon. It gives me something fun to look forward to!

Some other things I want to focus on in 2015...

  • Reading a book a month
  • Prioritzing self-care
  • Being present
  • Staying grounded in my intuition
  • Getting better at doing my hair (I totally suck at hair styling)
  • Improving my photography skills
  • Meditating more often

What are your goals for 2015?

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