Weekend Recap {Jan. 9-11}

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I'm not ready for Monday! The weekend went by way too fast.

Today I started an elimination diet so, I'll be honest, I indulged a bit over the weekend. I won't be eating dairy for a few weeks, so there was lots of cheese involved in my weekend!

Here are some details from the weekend...

Friday, Jan. 9 -

After work, I stopped at HyVee to pick up Italian turkey sausage for the stuffed acorn squash I planned to make for dinner. While I was there, I ran into my friend, Russtanna, my parents and niece and the HyVee dietician. Just one of the perks of living in a small town. I also picked up two bottles of Synergy kombucha, coconut butter, coconut milk and quinoa.

I got home, made myself a green kombucha champagne cocktail and started working on dinner. I quickly realized that my acorn squash was squishy and moldy.

I regrouped and changed my plan - spaghetti squash with Italian turkey sausage spaghetti sauce and salad.

The BF and I started watching a new show - Black Mirror. It's a British show about the dark side of technology. It's intense, super depressing and really good.

Saturday, Jan. 10 -

I made breakfast tacos in the morning. Mario Batali made them on the Chew last week (recipe here) and I wanted to use his method for making scrambled eggs. It's not ground breaking, but my scrambled eggs never turn out that great. I used whole milk instead of whipping cream, and they turned out perfectly! We topped our breakfast tacos with salsa, breakfast turkey sausage, colby jack cheese and plain Greek yogurt.

After sipping our morning coffee and watching an episode of Parks and Recreation, we got ourselves ready and drove to Omaha.

When we arrived, we went right to the Benson neighborhood to walk around and explore. We started the Omaha Bicycle Company. It's a super adorable bicycle shop and coffee shop.

I bought a new bike purse! I've been looking for the perfect one since I got my pink fixed gear bike for my birthday a few years ago. The one I got has beets, cabbages and octupus on it. Perfect!

Our next stop was the Benson Brewery. We each got flights of beer. I loved all of mine! We also shared some pretzel sticks with Gouda dipping sauce. Sooooo good!

We also stopped at Infusion Brewery. We shared a flight of beer, but it wasn't nearly as delicious as the Benson beers. We tried a cinnamon roll beer that smelled amazing and tasted like a candle. At least I had this guy sitting across from me!

We had grand plans to go to Modern Love, a comfort food vegan restaurant. But after beers and cheese and pretzels, we went for pizza. However, I really want to make it to Modern Love sometime soon!

We ate at the Pizza Shoppe Collective. I had pizza with chicken, artichoke hearts, green peppers and red onions. It was delicious.

Next up was the reason we were in Omaha. To go to Six Rounds of Punk at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The show featured bands like the Dead Kennedeys, the Misfits and the Vandals - bands the BF enjoyed in his youth. I'm so not punk, but one of the great things about being in a relationship is getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things!

There was great people watching at the show! Lots of denim vests covered in patches and spikes, mohawks and combat boots. I definitely didn't look the part in my black and white houndstooth dress, TOMS ballet flats and top knot. Oh well. Getting to see a mosh pit was worth the trip.

We decided to drive home instead of getting a hotel, so it was a late night! We got home around 2 a.m.

Sunday, Jan. 11 -

We slept in super late. I made oatmeal with chia seeds and cocoa powder topped with coconut butter, almond butter, dark chocolate chips and homemade cranberry jam. This is what happens when I don't get enough sleep - I eat chocolate for breakfast.

The BF and I spent the entire morning binge watching Parks and Recreation. I also spent some time shopping for cross trainers online. I need a new pair of shoes for strength training, HIIT workouts and light cardio. I ended up buying the Adidas, but I kind of want to buy the Nikes too!

For lunch, we had taco salads. We have those As Seen on TV Perfect Tortilla Pans. They are amazing!

After more relaxing, the BF had to drive to Lincoln for his weekend job. I went to HyVee to pick up some produce so I could start my elimination diet today. I'll write more about that later this week!

Then I went to my parent's house to say hi. Luckily, my mom offered to order pizza for dinner! My brother, sister-in-law and niece came over and we had a little pizza party. Normally I wouldn't eat pizza two days in a row, but since I won't be eating dairy for the next few weeks and pizza is my fave, I went for it.

I ended the night with the Golden Globes and some ice cream.

How was your weekend? Do you try things you normally wouldn't with your significant other?

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