Weekend Recap {Jan. 16-18}

Posted January 19, 2015

Happy Monday! I have today off to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I wish every weekend could be a three-day weekend!

I feel like it is the perfect amount of time to get in some relaxation and get my weekend to-do list done without feeling overwhelmed.

My weekend was full of great workouts, movie nights and delicious (elimination diet friendly) meals!

Here's how my weekend went...

Friday, Jan. 16 -

After work, I went straight to the gym. I walked on the treadmill for a mile to warm up, then I did a quick TRX workout. I actually had a group fitness training session with some other fitness instructors, but I wanted to get a workout in before.

When I got home, the BF was just getting home from the gym. We got ready, then headed out for dinner. We had Mexican because I thought it would be an easy place to avoid gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, nuts, etc. for my elimination diet. I ordered chicken fajitas and didn't eat the tortillas.

Saturday, Jan. 17 -

We slept in until 8 a.m. Then I made a quick bowl of oats with gluten-free oats, chia seeds, goji berries, cinnamon, dates and banana slices.

Then the BF and I headed to KTown Shakedown so that I could teach a cycling class. It ended up being a wonderful class - all the bikes were full, there was high energy and everyone was dripping in sweat.

After our sweat session, the BF and I stopped at Chapman Swifts for coffee (I had decaf). And we made some smoothies to help us recover from our workout. Mine had blueberries, kale, banana, organic brown rice protein powder and coconut water.

Saturday afternoon, we drove to Grand Island for the BF's niece and nephew's birthday party. Sage turned four in December and Francisco turns seven this month. They had their party at Twisters Gymnastics, so all the kids were bouncing on trampolines, jumping into foam pits and playing on the inflatable obstacle course. All the photos I took of the BF jumping and playing were blurry!

Before heading home, we stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond because I wanted to buy a fruit basket to help conserve space on our kitchen counter. However, the banana hook is too tall and doesn't fit under our cupboards. #fail

For dinner, we had turkey burgers and homemade baked sweet potato fries. The BF made my turkey burgers with quinoa and an flax seed egg replacer that I made. They basically fell apart. We usually make our turkey burgers with some panko bread crumbs and an egg to help them stay together, but I can't have them that way on my elimination diet. Oh well, we tried. They were still good crumbly.

To end the night, we watched Boyhood.

Sunday, Jan. 18 -

I started the day by making apple cinnamon baked oatmeal (without gluten, dairy, nuts or eggs for my elimination diet). I'll share the recipe later this week!

I also made some fresh juice and stored it in my new VacuCraft Vacuum Seal Juice Saver. I usually store juice in Ball jars. It's not the best method because there is always air in the jar, which allows oxidation to happen. When the juice is exposed to air, it oxidizes and loses some of its nutrients.

My Juice Saver allows you to pull out any air in the container. I love it!

Because it was 50 degrees (!!), the BF and I went out for a run. We ran three miles, and it was hard! It was my first run of 2015 since I've been teaching so many fitness classes. I could defnitely feel that I haven't run in awhile. But the BF and I are going to start getting in more runs because we'll start training for the Lincoln Half-Marathon soon!

I had a random lunch of leftovers - spaghetti squash, crumbled turkey burger, canned diced tomatoes and roasted carrots and golden beets.

The afternoon was spent on the couch watching a cheesy rom com (while the BF took a nap). I usually multitask while I watch shows and movies, but I decided to scrap my to-do list for the day and just relax. It felt amazing!

For dinner, I had a smoked chicken thigh, roasted Brussels sprouts, carrots and golden beets and a baked potato with olive oil, salt and pepper.

The BF spent the day smoking different meats in the smoker my mom got him for Christmas. He made chicken thighs, ribs and a pork shoulder.

We ended the night by watching the movie Chef, which was a great feel-good movie.

How was your weekend?

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