It's time to start loving your body this February!

Posted January 30, 2015 in self love, self confidence, February, love your body, self acceptance

February is all about learning to love your body on Sweet Success!!

We spend so much time and energy hating our bodies. It's time we stop criticizing ourselves and start loving ourselves a whole lot more!

This month, I will share:

  • A weekly challenge to help you create a more loving relationship with your body
  • How loving your body and yourself will change your life
  • Tips on how to love what you see in the mirror
  • Ways to treat your body with love and kindness
  • Recipes that will nourish your body and satisfy your sweet tooth
  • Why working out because you love your body is so much better than working out because you hate it + workouts you can do at home

Today, I want to share my own journey to loving my body more...

I first realized that I was overweight in third grade when a boy named Kyle told me that I was fat. It was a life changing moment for me. I instantly felt different from all of my classmates. And it's also when I began to equate my weight to my self-worth.

Before I went to middle school, I lost a little bit of weight, got contacts and let my perm fall out (it was the 90's). I went into seventh grade feeling a bit more confident and even had my first boyfriend (who broke up with me because I wouldn't kiss him : ) I still felt fatter than the other girls, and felt like that made me less of whole person.

When I was a junior in high school, a friend convinced me to go on a double date with her and her boyfriend to the Sadie Hawkins dance. When she and her boyfriend picked me up, they informed me that my date had seen my yearbook photo and decided he didn't want to go to the dance with me. It was that moment that I decided that I needed to be skinny to be desired.

The next few years were spent dieting, over exercising and bingeing. I hated my body and I treated it like I hated it. Later, in college, I replaced overeating with overdrinking. It was an escape from my insecurities.

When I was 23, I joined Weight Watchers. I learned about portion sizes, and I learned how to cook. I didn't stick to the plan 100 percent, and didn't lose a lot of weight. But making small changes to my diet and cooking some healthy meals helped me learn how to eat healthy without being restrictive.

When I was 25, I started running. I wasn't fast and it wasn't easy, but running changed something in me. I took a Couch to 5K class through the local community college, and the more I could run, the better I felt about myself. I also started taking group fitness classes. The more I moved, the better I felt.

I came to group fitness classes so regularly that one of the instructors suggested that I start teaching classes. I eventually got certified to teach group fitness classes, and started teaching!

But I still didn't love my body. Even after I had run multiple half-marathons and was teaching fitness classes regularly, I could only see my flaws. I had criticized myself for so long, that I believed what I had told myself - my hips are too wide, the cellulite on my thighs is disgusting, I need to be thinner, my stomach isn't flat enough, my arms are too jiggly.

So how did I learn to love my body?

I'll tell you how I learned to love my body more and how you can too next week!

Are you on a journey to love your body more? Please share!

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