Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Dip

Posted February 5, 2015 in Valentine's Day, chocolate, fruit, almond butter, healthy, healthy eating, holidays, healthy living

Valentine's Day is around the corner, so all I'm thinking about is chocolate!!

This may be hard to believe (it is to me), but I haven't had a single bite of chocolate in nearly a month!! What?!?!

I eliminated sugar during my elimination diet, and I haven't reintroduced it yet. The crazy thing is that I haven't been having nearly as many sweet cravings as I did before. It was seriously magical giving up sugar!!

When I do reintroduce sugar, I'm going to stick to natural forms or healthier dark chocolate.

This dark chocolate almond butter dip is one of my favorite easy and healthy ways to satisfy my sweet tooth. I'm sure I've mentioned this little concoction on the blog before, but I had to share it again. That's how much I love it!!

And this is the perfect recipe for Self-Love February! It is full of protein and antioxidants, and if you have it with fruit you'll be adding tons of extra nutrients!

I like to dip apple slices in this dip or pour it over sliced bananas or fresh berries.

If you're having a Valentine's Day get together, make a bigger batch and serve fresh berries with tooth picks for dipping.

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Dip

1 spoonful almond butter

1 tbsp. dark chocolate chips

Combine ingredients in a bowl. Microwave for 20 seconds. Stir. Microwave for another 20 seconds.


*You could make this even healthier by using cocoa powder and honey to taste instead of dark chocolate chips.

How do you satisfy your chocolate cravings in a healthy way?

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