#TakeTheLeap 30 Day Yoga Challenge Recap #1

Posted February 17, 2015 in yoga, TakeTheLeap, prAna, SweatPink, FitApproach, running, fitness instructor, yogi

I'm just a little bit more than halfway through the #TakeTheLeap 30 Day Yoga Challenge organized by SweatPink and prAna!!

I joined the challenge to get back into a regular yoga routine. For awhile, I was teaching up to eight fitness classes a week and yoga wasn't happening. I'm currently teaching five classes a week right now, so I have a little more time to get in my own workouts.

Now that I've done yoga every day for over 15 days, I'm feeling great!

My goal with the challenge was to add a little more balance back into my life and to have a way to de-stress. My schedule has been quite full lately, so I knew this challenge would be perfect.

I'll admit, for the first week I felt like getting in my daily yoga practice was just another thing on my to-do list every day. After working all day, then getting home at 7 p.m. after teaching a fitness class, making and eating dinner, I totally didn't feel like doing yoga. But once it became more of a habit, I began to look forward to my daily yoga (even if I was doing yoga at 9 p.m.). I also stopped being so hard on myself about what a yoga practice should be.

I prefer to take yoga classes, but there aren't many yoga classes offered around here. Last week, I took a 5:30 a.m. Wednesday class at my gym and a 5:45 a.m. class at Ryan's Root to Rise Yoga. The rest of my yoga sessions were on my own in my living room. On days I taught more than one fitness class, my yoga was more slow and restorative and other days I did a video using Gigabody or YouTube. Some days I get in 10 minutes and other days I get in a whole hour practice. I just do what I can, and that makes it less of something that I have to get done.

Last week, I looked forward to my daily yoga because I started half-marathon training. The daily stretching felt amazing on my hips and hamstrings, which get really tight when I'm running regularly.

What has been awesome about my daily yoga practice?

  • I'm not as sore the day after my workouts.
  • I haven't been as stressed about my schedule, to-do list, etc.
  • I am more flexible
  • I have more energy
  • My upper body and core feels stronger (I got up into a forearm stand!)

Find out about more benefits of yoga here!

I'm also doing the prAna #BringingYogaBack 12-day challenge. It has challenged me to try poses I've never done before (ie. the Monkey Twist above) and work on the flexibility in my back. The poses also feel soooo good after sitting at my desk all day.

I'll write another recap when the 30-day challenge is over!

What do you love about your yoga practice?

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