Grocery Haul {Feb. 22, 2015} + Weekly Meal Plan

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How do you find healthy recipe inspiration?

I find recipe inspiration in a few ways - I watch The Chew, I flip through my cookbooks, I read health magazines and I read health and fitness blogs. I keep track of the online recipes I want to try on my Pinterest boards.

Before the days of Pinterest, I would tear recipes out of magazines and put them in a 3-ring binder. I still have a few binders full of recipes! (I should probably go through those!) I still tear recipes out of magazines, but I'm not as good about organizing them.

I also keep a list on my phone of all of our favorite recipes. Whenever the BF and I try something new and we love it, it goes on the list. Whenever I'm struggling to figure out what to add to our weekly meal plan, I often go back to our favorites list.

I always try to include one or two new recipes each week. I love trying new recipes, and it helps keep things interesting! This week we tried a rice and mushroom soup that went right onto our favorites list!

Here's this week's grocery haul from HyVee and our meal plan for the week...

Produce: spinach (they were out of organic), Brussels sprouts, red peppers, sweet potatoes, garlic gloves, shiitake mushrooms, baby bella mushrooms, grapes, an orange, a pineapple, raspberries (on super sale) and bananas

Pantry: pure maple syrup, whole wheat tortillas, brown rice, pure vanilla extract, black beans, crushed and diced tomatoes, chicken broth, cashews, peanuts and Rice a Roni Long Grain and Wild Rice

Diary and Protein: eggs, chicken, gouda, herb havarti and ricotta

Other: Ezekiel bread, Silk Cashew Milk, unsweetened almond milk, Boom Chicka Pop

The Sweet Barbecue Popcorn is AMAZING!! You must try this. I haven't tried the cashew milk yet, but I've been wanting to pick it up since I saw it at HyVee.

I also picked up a four-pack of champagne. I wanted to have a champagne cocktail while I watched the Oscars on Sunday ; )

Weekly Meal Plan

Sunday - Chicken, Wild Rice and Shiitake Soup (this was sooooo good!)

Monday - eggs in a basket with Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, turkey bacon and Ezekiel toast with butter

Tuesday - leftovers

Wednesday - black bean burgers, couscous, roasted Brussels sprouts

Thursday - grilled pesto, mozzarella and spinach sandwiches, roasted sweet potato fries

Friday - slow cooker turkey and vegetable lasagna

Saturday - homemade buffalo chicken pizza

Please share your method for meal planning and how you find healthy recipes!

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