Weekend Recap {Feb. 27 - March 1}

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It's Monday already! How was your weekend?

My weekend was a total mix. Friday was lazy, Saturday was productive and I was back to being lazy on Sunday.

Here's how my weekend went...

Friday, Feb. 27 -

Friday evening was super low key. I gave myself a pedicure while I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2, did some headstands, ate pizza, drank an Empyrean Ale mocha beer and watched The Interview (which was kind of dumb, but entertaining).

Saturday, Feb. 28 -

I made protein pancakes topped with fresh raspberries and pure maple syrup for breakfast.

Then I took a power yoga class at the Good Sam Fitness Center.

My post-yoga snack was KeVita Ginger Kombucha and a trail mix with cashews, banana chips, coconut chips and dark chocolate chips.

I spent the rest of the morning blogging, listening to my Institute for Integrative Nutrition classes, emailing my health coaching clients, working on my 2014 taxes, signing the BF and I up for Bolder Boulder(!!!), buying the Rachel Brathen Yoga Collection(!!!) and signing up for Food Blogger Pro. The BF was sick so while he lounged and slept, I got stuff done!

In the afternoon, I made homemade almond and peppermint lip balm (recipe to come soon!), did laundry, finished listening to my IIN classes, worked on health coaching business stuff and watched the latest episode of The Chew.

I made stuffed red peppers for dinner. I stuffed them with ground turkey, onion, quinoa, gouda and mozzarella. They were delish.

The BF and I then went to the production of Rumors at the high school. The BF played Lenny in the play at the Hastings Community Theatre a few years ago, so he was interested to see the play. The kids did a good job!

Sunday, Feb. 29 -

I woke up with a migraine! I was so bummed because I still had a handful of things on my to do list, and I was feeling pretty motivated after my productive Saturday. But moving my body caused so much head pain so I stayed curled up in a ball on the couch all morning.

I did eat some Ezekiel toast with natural peanut butter, banana slices and chia seeds for breakfast.

I also had a bit of decaf iced coffee with cashew milk. So arty.

We spent the morning watching two documentaries - Advanced Style and Living on One Dollar. Both were really good!

The BF and I decided to get out of the house, so we went to Target. I had a small list of some household and beauty items, but I bought some other goodies, of course.

Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter (soooo good!), the new Luna Chocolate Cupcake bar (also delicious...yes, I ate one already), Iced Bhakti Chai and a new yoga block.

When we got home, my headache felt worse and I wanted to crawl into bed, but I promised my niece I would sew with her. So I went to my parent's house for an afternoon of sewing.

I bought my niece this adorable Janome sewing machine for Christmas along with a sewing kit and a book on sewing for kids. So far, we've made pillows and simple purses. Sunday we made a purse for Brynn's mom, a pillow for Papa (my dad) and a bag for Grandma (my mom) to store her crochet gear.

Even though I didn't feel the best, I had a great afternoon with Brynn. I love spending time with this girl. We love being crafty together.

The rest of the day was spent on the couch with my ice pack on my head. The BF was still getting over his sickness, so neither of us could muster the energy to make dinner. He ended up running out and picking up southwest chicken salads from Runza. It's probably my favorite not healthy salad fast food indulgence. We also started watching Behind the Mask on Hulu. It's about the people who are mascots for sports teams. Such a good show!

I ended the day feeling bummed. I planned on doing my long run for my half-marathon training, doing food prep for the week, catching up on my magazine reading and working on some blogs for this week on Sunday, but was once again down for the count with a massive headache.

I'm back at work today, but still battling this headache. I'm considering getting acupuncture for my headaches. Anyone else ever tried it? Let me know what you thought!

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