Grocery Haul {March 3, 2015} + Meal Plan

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Happy Friday! I'm sooooo ready for the weekend. The BF and I don't have anything major planned. I, of course, have a long to do list full of lots of blogging and health coaching things.

Today I'm sharing our recent grocery haul, our meal plan this week and our February grocery spending! I hope my meal plans give you a little meal inspiration as you're planning your meals for next week. Sometimes it's a struggle to come up with new recipes!

It's been awhile since I shared our grocery spending. I share it mostly for my own awareness. We actually spent quite a bit on eating out in February because we went to Lincoln the first weekend of the month for the BF's birthday (hello, $80 sushi dinner!). But I didn't track our restaurant spending this month. I'll get back to that in March!

February Grocery Total: about $500

This isn't too bad for us. In October 2014 we spent around $511, in November 2014 we spent about $427 and in December it was around $540. I didn't track in January.

Anyway, here's what we bought at HyVee earlier this week. I had actually bought most of the ingredients needed for our meals this week at a previous shopping trip. You'll notice on our last weekly meal plan there are a lot of the same meals. Well, the BF was sick and I had stuff going on every evening last week so we didn't make most of the stuff we had planned. (I ate avocado toast with eggs like every day).

Our recent grocery haul was mostly to stock up on produce. We ended up picking up some proteins that were on sale and some random other things.

Produce: bananas, organic Braeburn apples, cucumber, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, organic greens, onions, avocados, an orange, strawberries and potatoes.

Pantry items: goji berries, sesame oil, unsweetened apple sauce, dates, brown rice flour, almond butter and dark chocolate chips. Not shown: chicken broth, red pepper flakes.

Protein: chicken, eggs, pork loins (for the BF).

Other: kombucha!! (it was on sale!)

Dairy: parmesan cheese, colby jack cheese, blue cheese

Weekly Meal Plan:

Sunday: red peppers stuffed with quinoa, ground turkey, onion, gouda and mozzarella

Monday: black bean burgers, roasted Brussels sprouts

Tuesday: slow cooker vegetable lasagna, garlic bread

Wednesday: chicken and vegetable stir fry with brown rice (we used frozen mixed veggies)

Thursday: buffalo chicken pizza, salads

Friday: Moroccan Chicken + roasted sweet potatoes


Avocado toast topped with eggs

Leftover ground turkey and quinoa (from Sunday), sautéed spinach and pesto

Pre-Workout Energy Balls

Brownie Batter Protein Bites

green juice

apple slices with almond butter

banana with almond butter

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