Vitacost Haul {March 2015}

Posted March 11, 2015 in Vitacost, healthy, healthy living, probiotics, multivitamins, supplements, beauty products, natural, protein powder

If you've never shopped on Vitacost, you are missing out! They have everything from healthy food to supplements to natural beauty products. And everything is really affordable. (This isn't a sponsored post, I just really love Vitacost).

I recently placed an order of totally random stuff. Some of the products are things I've used before and some are new to me.

I thought I would share my recent haul with you!

Vega Sport Performance Vanilla Protein Powder - I love plant-based protein powders and this one is delicious! I made the best protein pancakes ever with this protein powder (I'll share the recipe soon!). I also use this protein powder for post-long run smoothies.

Sea Tangle Noodle Company Kelp Noodles - These were a bit of an impulse buy. I thought it would be interesting to try kelp noodles, which are an alternative to pasta. They work well in Asian dishes. I was thinking of either making stir fry or some veggies with a Thai peanut sauce.

Vitacost Synergy Liquid Multi-Vitamin and Mineral - I started using liquid multivitamins months ago because multivitamins in pill form don't always get absorbed in your body. I really like the liquid version because it doesn't make me nauseous like multivitamin pills do, and I feel a little boost of energy after I drink it.

Vitacost Probiotic - I'm new to using probiotics, but they are good for balancing the bacteria in your gut and supporting your immune system. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you. Taking a probiotic supplement can help with digestive issues (which I don't have). But if you don't' have gut issues, they can also improve your immune system, kill bacteria that cause tooth decay, lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar and affect the hormone that regulates your appetite (source).

I don't take very many supplements - just my multivitamin and a calcium supplement (as suggested by my doctor). I try to get the majority of my vitamins and minerals from the food I eat. You can get probiotics from food such as kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese or fermented foods. I eat plain Greek yogurt just a few times a week. So that's why I decided to give probiotics a try.

Jason Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil - I use vitamin E on my skin. It's good for minimizing the apperance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

Dessert Essence 100% Jajoba Oil - I bought this to use as a carrier oil for essential oils. I ended up ordering some essential oils from Rutheah from Young Living after my essential oils get together. I haven't received them yet, but I'm ready to start concocting things!

Do you ever shop Vitacost or at another online health store? What do you buy? You can use this referral link to shop Vitacost!

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