Weekend Recap {March 13-15}

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My weekend was filled with catching up with family and friends. My niece celebrated her 9th birthday, my relatives from Omaha came to visit and the BF and I spent time with friends we hadn't seen in awhile.

I didn't get much of my to do list done this weekend, but I did get the most important thing done - my 8 mile half-marathon training run!

The BF and I also ended up eating out a lot this weekend because we were running around a bunch.

Here's how my weekend went...

Friday, March 13 -

In Saturday's Week of Workouts post, I mentioned that I had a rough week at work. I had a long house cleaning to do list for Friday after work. But after doing a sink full of dishes and dusting the living room, I was exhausted. I lounged on the couch until the BF got home from work.

He (easily) convinced me to go out to dinner. We went to Sozo, and I ordered my fave kale caesar salad with crab cakes. (I recreated this salad on the blog. Check it out here!). I also enjoyed some bread (carbs for Saturday's run).

Saturday, March 14 -

Breakfast was my usual pre-run Ezekiel toast. Our bananas were too brown, so I topped my toast with peanut butter, dates, chia seeds and honey. Carbs!

I subbed a water aerobics class. This was a good reminder that I need to say no more often. I'm trying to cut down on my fitness classes, not add more! Especially on a long run day. But while I taught class, the BF finished the cleaning to do list!!

The BF and I then went out for our 8 mile run. It was such a beautiful day. My legs felt stiff and tight - especially my hamstrings. But I survived!

My post-run smoothie was cashew milk, frozen blueberries, 1/2 a banana, Nutri Bullet Superfood Supergreens, spinach and Vega Vanilla Protein Powder. Yum!

Then it was time for my niece's laser tag birthday party! It was so cute, and my mom made an adorable green zebra print cake to go with Brynn's zebra theme.

The cake was soooo good!

The BF and I had lunch at the HyVee salad bar. I ate all the veggies! Then we picked up ingredients for our Irish feast for St. Patrick's Day.

I had a long blogging/health coaching to do list for the afternoon, but I ended up lounging on the couch doing absolutely nothing. I did drink 1/2 a bottle of kombucha.

That evening, the BF and I walked to my parent's house for dinner with my parents, my niece and her friend Carly, my aunt, uncle, cousin and her son. I had a turkey burger topped with guacamole, roasted veggies, a turkey sausage, tortilla chips and guac and strawberries.

Brynn got hair chalk for her birthday so we had a little fun experimenting. I got Brynn this adorable book, My UnZipped Life: The Sensational Story of Me, and a subscription to Darby Girl, a bi-monthly craft box for girls. I could seriously hang with 9-year olds all the time. They're so fun!

Sunday, March 15 -

Panera orange scone + coffee = perfect Sunday morning. The BF and I sometimes pick up Panera pastries after 7 p.m. because they're half off, and then we freeze them and save them for later.

I walked to my parent's house for brunch. My mom made baked applesauce doughnuts, banana muffins, scrambled eggs and bacon. Second breakfast!

Later, the BF and I went to Cottonmill for a hike. It was so beautiful out. I'm absolutely loving the spring-like weather! It makes me very happy.

Lunch was Subway in the car on the way to Hastings. I had a 6-inch turkey on wheat with spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers and brown mustard.

In Hastings, we spent the afternoon with our friends Mark, Beth and Russanne. We intended to play board games, but we ended up chatting and booking a cabin at Platte River State Park in November!! I love trip planning!

We also stopped by the BF's dad and stepmom's house and at our friends Carmen and Clark's house. We have to make the rounds in Hastings (where the BF lived before we moved in together).

We had dinner at the Bullseye Bar and Grill. I had a grilled chicken sandwich, French fries and a Sam Adam's Cold Snap. I ended up only eating half my sandwich and half my fries. Beer fills me up.

I spotted these spring flowers while we were out and about. I love spring!

How was your weekend?

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