Weekend Recap {March 20-22}

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How was your weekend?

My weekend was very low key, which I needed. The BF and I went out with friends on Friday night, I did yoga, I created a couple of new recipes to share with you, I went for a run, I tried farro for the first time and I watched some movies.

Here's how the weekend went...

Friday, March 20

The BF and I scrapped our plans to stay home, cook a simple dinner and lounge on the couch, and we drove to Hastings. We went to dinner at El Toro with our friends Mark and Beth and their daughter Emily.

I had my usual chicken fajitas with corn tortillas, Negra Modelo and chips and salsa.

After dinner, we went to The Lark to see The Talbott Brothers perform. They're a Nebraska folk band, and they were good.

It was a fun night. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much. I definitely needed a night out to unwind and have fun.

Saturday, March 21

Breakfast was toast with avocado, eggs, red pepper flakes and pink Himilayan salt.

I went to yoga class at the Good Sam Fitness Center. It was an incredible class with lots of twists and binds. I felt soooo good after class. I needed it.

I was craving iced coffee and chocolate, so I made an insanely delicious peanut butter mocha smoothie. I will share the recipe with you later this week.

I munched on some Trader Joe's Inner Peas while I watched The Chew.

The BF had to go into work so I worked on some health coaching marketing and blogging. I worked on my health coaching website a little bit. Check it out here! You can also find it by Googling 'Sweet Success Health Coaching.'

For lunch, I had a delicious salad with mixed greens, raw asparagus, raw Brussels sprouts, farro, sliced almonds, hemp seeds and pesto. It was my first time trying farro! It was really good. It's very dense, nutty and filling.

Later, I walked to my parent's house because my dad had a gift for me! He built a food photo surface that has wood on one side and laminate on the other side. My food photos are about to improve!

Then I ate 1/2 an apple with almond butter and drank a La Croix sparkling water. Yum!

Later, I had a small bowl of cashews, peanuts, coconut chips and banana chips. I felt really hungry all day!

For dinner, the BF and I had pizza.

We enjoyed a bit of ice cream while we watched Birdman. I fell asleep as usual. It was a good movie, I just get so cozy on the couch that I can't stay awake.

Sunday, March 22

Breakfast tacos! Sauteed onions, peppers and black beans, scrambled eggs and sour cream. The BF had bacon and cheese on his.

After our food digested, we drove out to Fort Kearny State Recreation Area for a 3 mile trail run. We had a 5K run for time on our half-marathon training schedule, but since we're training for the Lincoln Half-Marathon and the Yellowstone Half-Marathon (a trail run), we decided to do a trail run.

There were lots of birders out checking out the cranes. The crane migration is a big deal around here. People come from all over to view the cranes. I call them Craniacs (lol). We got our crane etiquette all wrong. I wore a red tank and the BF wore a neon green shirt.

After our run, I quickly showered then went to Chapman Swifts Coffee House for a health coaching session with a client. I had a coconut milk latte while we met.

Back at home, I had lunch - mixed greens, farro, black beans, hemp seeds and some Italian dressing. I also drank the smoothie the BF made for me post-run - one of our smoothie packs, 1/2 banana and a bit of whey protein powder.

I was super tired in the afternoon, so I watched the rest of Birdman (so good!) and ate an entire bag of Boom Chicka Pop Frosted Cupcake. Addictive!

I made some delicious Post-Workout Vanilla Protein Balls. I will share the recipe with you this week!

I eventually did a bit of meal prep for the week. I made my apple cider vinegar drinks for the week, I used my new spiralizer to make zuchinni and yellow squash noodles and I cut up three pounds of strawberries to freeze.

The BF and I bought a ton of strawberries from some people selling them out of a truck in the K-Mart parking lot (totally not sketchy at all).

The BF grilled chicken and veggies for dinner, which was delicious.

We ended the night by watching The Theory of Everything.

What was the best part of your weekend?

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