Weekend Recap {April 10-12}

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How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one. Mine was busy, but fun. The BF and I took a day trip to Lincoln to spend time with his family, we got in our long half-marathon training run, we bought some spring plants and I meal prepped for the week!

Here's a recap...

Friday, April 10

I ate a salad at my desk and worked through lunch so that I could leave work early to meet with a new health coaching client. We had a great session at Chapman Swifts. I tried one of their smoothies with strawberries, peach, banana and blueberries.

I drank half of my smoothie, then went for a four mile run. Then drank the rest of my smoothie.

After running, I started making dinner - cauliflower crust pizza. But just as I put the crust in the oven, the BF called and asked if I wanted to meet him, his disc golf friend, Will, and his friend, Laura, at the HyVee Market Grille. I shut the oven off, changed out of my running clothes and headed to HyVee. I ended up having a portabello mushroom cap topped with vegetables and wild rice, and a glass of wine. After dinner, we all went to a bar for another drink.

When we got home, I finished making the pizza. We each had a piece just to try it out. It was delicious!

Saturday, April 11

The BF and I got up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready to go to Lincoln. I had some plain Greek yogurt with chia seeds, hemp seeds, almond butter and stevia before we left. In Lincoln, the BF worked his weekend promotions job at the Husker spring game tailgate while I went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods (I'll share my hauls later this week!)

I also stopped at Juice Stop to try one of their new fresh pressed juices. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try a veggie-based juice rather than my go-to fruit and veggie mix. It was....earthy. I absolutely hate celery and it's all I could taste, so I had to choke this one down.

But I needed my greens because I had lunch at Tom + Chee! I had half of a Turkey + Pesto and half of a Hippy Chee, which had hummus, tomatoes, greens and cheddar. So good.

As I was walking through campus to meet the BF at the spring game, I found the BF's sister and her fam, who were visiting from Washington. They very kindly bought us tickets to the game.

The game was a lot of fun. I'm not into football, and although I'm a University of Nebraska alum, I'm not into the Huskers. But I loved the people watching and hanging with the BF's family (his dad and stepmom were also there!).

After the game, we walked to the Haymarket for dinner. Most restaurants were really packed (there were 75,000 people at the game!), so we ended up at McKinney's Irish Pub. They had a limited game day menu, and there wasn't much I could order. The BF and I are still going gluten-free, but I had to cheat and have a veggie melt because there wasn't anything else to order. It wasn't great so I was bummed I "cheated" on something that wasn't delicious.

We said goodbye to everyone and drove home. At home, we were exhausted and spent the evening relaxing.

I made some air popped popcorn that I topped with melted butter and sea salt. Then I fell asleep around 10 p.m. on the couch. Party!

Sunday, April 12

The BF woke me up at 8 a.m., after I had been sleeping for 10 hours!!

For breakfast, I had gluten-free oats with chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, stevia, cinnamon, homemade cranberry jam and cashew butter. So good!

After emailing health coaching clients, blogging and straightening the house, the BF and I headed out for our long weekend run. The BF and I tapered in our training and did a 10K. It was supposed to be at race pace, but we struggled a bit. We were both a bit dehydrated from not drinking enough water on Saturday. It was a rough run.

We recovered with a smoothie made with one of our smoothie packs and Vega Sport vanilla protein powder.

The BF's sister and her fam stopped by on their drive to Denver to catch their flight. It was fun to see them one more time before they headed home. The BF and I then made a quick trip to HyVee to pick up a few things (gluten-free beer, bananas, almond milk, greek yogurt).

I've been eyeing the succelents in the flower shop at HyVee for weeks, and I finally bought one. It was pricey - $12 - for a little one.

Then on our way home we stopped at a greenhouse and we found succelent arrangements for $24.99!! I bought one, and totally regretted buying the little one at HyVee.

But they look super cute on our bar.

The newest thing on my wish list is a meditating frog! The greenhouse had the cutest garden accessories.

In the afternoon, the BF had a buddy over to watch the Portland Timbers play. While they watched soccer, I blogged, did some Institute for Integrative Nutrition work and food prepped. I snacked on chips and quac and gluten-free beer while I worked.

I made apple cider vinegar drinks, chia pudding, a chia/flax/hemp seed mix (I put this on everything!), zoodles, a rice energy bar from the Feed Zone Cookbook, a creamy citrus ranch dressing from Tone It Up, and I prepped veggies.

For dinner, the BF grilled chicken and pork chops and grilled yellow squash, onions, mushrooms, asparagus and Brussels sprouts. We also had salads with the creamy citrus ranch dressing that I made.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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