Friday Faves {April 17, 2015}

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Happy Friday! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

The BF and I are taking a little road trip! I'll share the details in my Weekend Recap on Monday!

Today I'm sharing some of my recent fave things. It's pretty random, but fun!

Tone It Up Bikini Series - I did this 8-week challenge a few years ago, and I decided to give it a go this year because I really need to add more strength training into my life. Since BodyPump didn't work for me and I think lifting weights in the gym is totally boring, I'm going with the Tone It Up at-home workouts. So far, I've really liked them. They are challenging, but quick. It's also a major motivator to workout with the trainers - Katrina and Karena - because they look insane in their bikinis. I ended up buying their Beach Babe 3 DVD in a bundle with some other goodies. I'm loving the workouts!

Chia Pudding - I made the best chia pudding ever this week! It's perfection. I looked at a few different recipes online then made my own version using 1 cup almond milk, 3 tbsp. chia seeds, 2 tbsp. pure maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon. It was perfectly sweet and delicious. Try my Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe! It's soooo good!

Black Bean Brownies from Skinnytaste - I made these for a Piloxing party I had this week to celebrate the winners of the Fit in 2015 Piloxing Challenge I had. They were super easy to make - you just throw everything into a blender and bake - and they were delicious. Next time, I will reduce the baking time because I like my brownies a little more gooey. (Learn more about my Piloxing classes here!)

Coola Sport SPF 50 Classic Sunscreen Unscented - I spent a long time looking for a natural sport sunscreen online, and I finally went with Coola. I've used it on a few runs, and it's perfect. It keeps me protected and it stays put - I don't get sweaty sunscreen in my eyes or mouth.

StitchFix - I got my first StitchFix box yesterday! I'm super excited because my stylist sent me exactly what I asked for. I haven't tried anything on yet because I went for a run right after work and got sweaty. But I'll post a review next week, and show you what I got.

This article - 1/2 Of Our Food Is Going To Feed Our Food by Michael Pollan

This new Nike ad that captures the insecure thoughts we have while working out. - I love the message of embracing your journey and pushing past your comfort zone.

BelleCore HoneyBelle Body Buffer - I won this awhile ago from FitApproach, and I really didn't start using it until halfway through my half-marathon training. The BF and I use it to give each other massages to help with muscle soreness. But I should really use this thing regularly because it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite (my thigh, ugh!). It's kind of bulky, which makes it hard to use on yourself, but it feels absolutely incredible.

What are some of your fave things right now?

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