Happy Birthday To Me!

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Today is my 32nd birthday! (That is what I look like today…on my 32nd birthday! ; )

I absolutely love birthdays. I thoroughly enjoy having a day (or a week…or a month) that is all about me. Truth: I've been celebrating a birthday week! I have discovered that so many people don't like their birthdays or don't think birthdays are that big of deal!! I think it's because people rely on others to make the day special. I am a believer in making the day what you want it to be!

I always plan out exactly how I want to celebrate my day. I think about the things that make me truly happy and I think about ways to treat myself, and I make it happen! My birthdays almost always involve taking the day or part of the day off of work, getting a massage, indulging in some delicious sweet treat and spending time with the BF and my family. My favorite things!

My birthday week began on Monday with Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough (amazing!). Tuesday was Wild from the Redbox (we never watch movies during weekdays!). Wednesday was a spa night. Thursday I treated myself to a new pair of yoga leggings. These Reebok pineapple capris. And today is my birthday, which will be full of special treats.

Birthdays, to me, are also the perfect time to reflect on the past year. I'm constantly distracted by my to do lists and future plans, that I don't always take time to appreciate what I've accomplished.

(The BF and I camping in Colorado in 2013. One of my fave memories)

One thing that I've realized in the past year is that life is about relationships and experiences. I've spent way too much time wishing I was skinnier or prettier or had certain material items. But my happiest moments aren't times that I felt thin or pretty or when I bought something I wanted. My happiest moments are those spent with the people I care about or experiencing something new or exciting.

One of my goals in my 32nd year is to shop less. I really love shopping, and I often use shopping as a way to treat myself or make myself feel better when I'm feeling down. But things don't improve the quality of my life.

New fave quote: "One of the best things in life is realizing you're perfectly happy without the things you thought you needed most."

I also want to be more present. I'm definitely someone who is always thinking about the future, thinking about my to do list, my schedule and accomplishing my goals. I have a hard time enjoying the present because I feel like I need to be going, going, going.

New mantra - "Stillness is the key to success" - Gabby Bernstein

Today, I'm letting go of my to do list, celebrating my accomplishments, savoring my memories from the past year and enjoying the present.

During my 31st year…

  • May 2014 - The BF and I ran Bolder Boulder. It is such a fun race!
  • July 2014 - I went to FitBloggin in Savannah Photo links are still broken on these posts : ( I learned so much about blogging. I'm still working on implementing some of the things I learned. And guess what? I'm going back to FitBloggin this year! It's in Denver so I get to drive!

  • October 2014: We went to Arizona to celebrate our friend Russanne's wedding. It was such a fun trip (I will forever cherish the travel memories with our friends Mark and Beth), and Russanne's wedding was beautiful!

  • October 2014 - I started teaching Piloxing at KTown Shakedown! I've met so many amazing women at KTown!
  • November 2014 - I started working with brands through FitApproach. This has been an awesome partnership! Through FitApproach I worked with the Fitness Games, Gigabody and ProCompression.

  • February 2015 - I participated in the #TakeTheLeap Yoga Challenge with Prana and SweatPink. I did yoga every day for a month. It was such an awesome experience, and made me realize how important yoga is to me!

There's so much more that happened this year, but these are the biggies that popped into my head as I was writing. Thanks for letting me reminisce about the past year!

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